Data Analysis Freak


Side Quest


The Bunker

Quest Giver

Operator 21O



Data Analysis Freak is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"Operator 21O enjoys analyzing data in her spare time. You made light of her hobby and ended up being made to help with it. Go to the abandoned factory and infiltrate a data terminal that can't be accessed from the Bunker."

"You retrieved the data from the terminal. Go outside so you can make a proper connection, then upload your findings."

"Operator 21O informed you that the data you delivered contained ancient huma diaries - and then ended communications in her usual curt manner. Make sure to claim the reward she sent via email."


Data Analysis Freak Objectives

  1. Travel to the Abandoned Factory by going to Factory: Entrance access point
  2. Interact with the terminal
  3. Go outside and upload the data
  4. Visit your Inbox to obtain rewards.



Data Analysis Freak Rewards



Data Analysis Freak Walkthrough

  • This quest becomes available on your second playthrough, when you are 9S.
  • You can obtain the quest during the visit to The Bunker in the main quest: Alien Report. Find operator 21O at the command center and talk to her to begin the quest.
  • Go to the Factory: Entrance access point, and go through the factory level until you reach the portion with top-down view and several small stubby enemies firing projectiles at you. Hidden out of view is a door, Medium Bipeds with shields will attack you. There's a Locked Chest here, as well as a shortcut to the rest of the level. Interact with the terminal here
  • Exit the factory and upload the data, then go to your Inbox to receive a reward and end the quest




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    • Anonymous

      29 Apr 2017 06:52  

      I was able to pick this up after visiting Pascal's village and returning to the Resistance camp, but not before visiting the Amusement Park. The unlock trigger is presumably in there somewhere.

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