Simple Gadget



Simple Gadget is a Crafting Material in Nier: Automata



 A gadget so simple you don't know what it's for. 

Effects & Uses

  • 10 are needed to upgrade Pod A to Level 2.
  • 10 are needed to upgrade Pod B to Level 2.
  • 10 are needed to upgrade Pod C to Level 2.
  • Can be sold for 750g.


Where to Find/Location


 Farming Routes

City Ruins: Near Factory

Go to the City Ruins: Near Factory Access Point and turn right, running into the bottom floor of the tall building you first start out on. Go up three flights of stairs, and then turn left. If you have an Auto-Collect Item chip, you can simply hug the wall and collect the item through the wall. If not, you'll have to go towards the hole in the outside wall, jump out of it, and keep turning left in the air, until you enter a different hole on the same floor on the other side of the wall.



  • One of the few materials that can't be bought at any point of the game.

    • Anonymous

      15 Jul 2017 20:24  

      Found one at the gate between pascal's village and city ruins: tower. Coming from the village it is on the left, interior side.

      • Anonymous

        24 Jun 2017 21:42  

        Scanner location in the desert cave, go to Desert Camp, enter the desert, stick to the right wall, where you can drop down to the side entrances of the cave, take the upper entrance, keep following the path to the right, past a group of enemies when the camera moves back in standard position, in that hallway use the scanner. (just before an open dead end with a chest)

        • Anonymous

          19 Mar 2017 12:19  

          scanning locations I know of:
          Forest Castle: Front access point, (just drop down in the direction of the castle)
          2S room (bunker)
          Resistance camp
          Commercial facility: near lift to lunar tear cave
          Amusement park behind destroyed stall near clown merch
          Pascal's Village on the way to the forrest area

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