11B's Escape Plan


11B's Escape Plan is one of the information archives in Nier: Automata.


Elapsed time: 00:02:13

Reactivation complete. A check of my body reveals various failures.Communication functions have been destroyed. I cannot contact my team or bunker. I leave a draft of this message here as a log.

Elapsed time: 00:10:13

I verify the plan once more. Using my supposed destruction in this sortie as a guide, I sever all communication. I then pass beneath the abandoned factory and escape. Further analysis reveals that I took anti-air fire while in the flight unit resulting in damage to my body. No matter-it can be repaired.

Elapsed time: 00:15:21

I'm Cold. My sensory systems seem to be failing.

Elapsed time: 00:33:12

Noise has started to cloud my vision. Virus warnings appear frequently. It is unclear whether I am infected of it the system is in error.

Elapsed time: 00:33:21

Repairs are proceeding poorly, perhaps because I am flustered. Pursuers will come if I don't move soon. Was I wrong to attempt escape?

Elapsed time: 00:33:31

I'm scared. I want to go back to the bunker, but I can't restore communications.

Elapsed time: 00:38:00

This can't continue. I can't stay here. I have to run... YoRHa squadron was wrong... I have to find somewhere safer... I'm scared. I'm so scared.

Elapsed time: 00:45:00

Painful. It hurts. Help. Why stop. Who am I? Wrong wrong wrong. I need to run...


Where to find/Location

  • In the abandoned factory, where you fight Engels' arm for the first time.


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    • Anonymous

      11B's escape plan is found in the factory where you originally start the game. There is a quest you take from one of the Yorha units in the space station where you get the robot suit thing.

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