A130: Bomb

a130 bomb pod program nier automata wiki guide
Type Attack
Model No. A130

A130: Bomb is a Pod Program in NieR: Automata. The A130: Bomb triggers the Pod to shoot a volley of explosives around the field. Pod Programs are active abilities that are slotted to your A.I. Companion, the Pod, they function similarly to NieR Replicant's Sealed Verses, allowing the player to instruct the Pod/s to execute a special attack. But unlike a Sealed Verse in NieR Replicant, a cooldown occurs after using a skill instead of a magic meter.


Throws a volley of small explosive charges over a set period of time.


A130: Bomb Pod Program Effect

  • Charged Attack: Increases the volley of bombs released from the Pod/s (up to three Pods).


Where to Find A130: Bomb Pod Program in NieR Autoamta

  • Complete the side quest, Find a Present, to obtain this as a reward.


A130: Bomb Pod Program Notes & Tips

  • Other Notes and Tips for A130: Bomb goes here.
  • Cooldown for a Pod Program varies depending on Plug-in Chips that are equipped.



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    • Anonymous

      Despite the initial charge up and inability to fire. I still find this to be the most destructive pod program capable of destroying swarms of enemies or tough big enemies. Especially deadly if charged up and can end a fight with a single cast even against the toughest of enemies.

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