A140: Gravity



Pod Programs

A140: Gravity is a Pod Program in Nier: Automata



Unleashes a blast that sucks in any enemies in the vicinity.


Effects & Uses

  • Creates a bubble that pulls all small and medium enemies into the center.
  • Enemies can still attack while in the gravity effect, so caution must be taken.


Where to Find/Location



  •  It is possible that pulling in large amounts of enemies can cause the game to crash. As of patch 1.03 it is still unfixed.

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    • Anonymous

      Solo los atrae, aun no le he encontrado utilidad más que darles un golpe físico de caida y de carga con espadones.\It only attracts you, I have not found utility for you but to give you a physical blow of falling and loading with broadswords

      • Anonymous

        Be aware that trying to pull a large number of enemies (10+) with this can crash your game. This has happened to me twice on 1.03.

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