A140: Gravity

a140 gravity pod program nier automata wiki guide
Type Utility
Model No. A140

A140: Gravity is a Pod Program in NieR: Automata. The A140: Gravity is a utility program that sucks in enemies into the vortex field. Pod Programs are active abilities that are slotted to your A.I. Companion, the Pod, they function similarly to NieR Replicant's Sealed Verses, allowing the player to instruct the Pod/s to execute a special attack. But unlike a Sealed Verse in NieR Replicant, a cooldown occurs after using a skill instead of a magic meter.


Unleashes a blast that sucks in any enemies in the vicinity.


A140: Gravity Pod Program Effect

  • Charged Attack: Increases the area of effect per available Pod (up to three Pods).


Where to Find A140: Gravity Pod Program in NieR Autoamta


A140: Gravity Pod Program Notes & Tips

  • Other Notes and Tips for A140: Gravity goes here.
  • Cooldown for a Pod Program varies depending on Plug-in Chips that are equipped.



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    • Anonymous

      Solo los atrae, aun no le he encontrado utilidad más que darles un golpe físico de caida y de carga con espadones.\It only attracts you, I have not found utility for you but to give you a physical blow of falling and loading with broadswords

      • Anonymous

        Be aware that trying to pull a large number of enemies (10+) with this can crash your game. This has happened to me twice on 1.03.

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