Adam & Eve

Adam And Eve Header True
Type Machine Leader
Location City Ruins
Other Names Adam: アダム
Eve: イヴ
Voice Actor Eve: Tatsuhisa Suzuki (JP)
Ray Chase (EN) 
Adam: Daisuke Namikawa (JP)
Greg Chun (EN)
?? 16

Adam & Eve is a Boss in NieR: Automata. Adam & Eve are twin brothers and act as the main antagonists of the game. They are both encountered in their own separate Combat encounters, but are also encountered together. Bosses are special larger Enemies that can be encountered throughout the game in different Locations. A Boss encounter will usually signify game progress or a chapter ending when following the main storyline. Some of these bosses may first be encountered As NPCs to introduce some Lore and backstory before they are inevitably faced in a Combat encounter as a Boss. Boss encountered are identified by their introductory title that will be displayed just before combat begins. Their HP bar and Level will also be displayed above the character throughout the combat encounter. Some bosses in the game may be optional and avoided. All information on optional or required bosses stats, Locations, encounters and strategies can be found on their designated Bosses


This unit has achieved an unusual level of evolution among machine lifeforms, as it possesses a strong resemblance to androids. It first appeared after splitting off from another machine. -Eve Data


NieR Automata Adam & Eve Location


NieR Automata Adam & Eve Information

  • Type: Machine Leader
  • HP: ??
  • Lv: 16
  • Adam & Eve is not an optional encounter.

During Flooded City Recon Main Story Quest, you will be tasked to Fight Adam & Eve. Completing the quest unlocks the Alien Report. During your combat, evade or block their attacks until the sequence is completed.


NieR Automata Adam & Eve Drops  

  • Intel Unit Data


Adam & Eve Strategies NieR Automata

Adam & Eve Strategy (Melee) NieR Automata

When the battle starts it's going to be a 2v2 affair. 9S will take on Adam while you engage Eve. Eve is a formidable fighter who has devastating kick attacks. Dodge them and keep your distance and then bring your attacks to him when he misses. He will teleport around the arena. He will summon a shield to block if he takes too many hits and will parlay that into a counter attack. Continue the assault until a cutscene plays. 

Bombard him with melee or your turret to disrupt his attacks. You just need to hold them off until the dialogues over. 

Adam & Eve Attacks NieR Automata

First Phase
Kick A regular kick that can be jumped over or dodged to avoid
Energy Whip Reposition behind him to avoid the direction of this attack. 
 Shield Wait for this move to clear then follow up with an attack

Adam & Eve Notes & Trivia NieR Automata

  • Adam & Eve NieR Automata Notes & Tips go here.


Adam & Eve Gallery NieR Automata

B2 Uncovering The Aliens Front Adam And Eve Front Adam And Eve Energy Waves Front


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