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Adam (Boss) is a Boss in Nier: Automata


This unit has achieved an unusual level of evolution among machine lifeforms, as it possesses a strong resemblance to androids. Born naked from a cocoon of machine lifeforms, its movement was initially quite clumsy. It grew rapidly, however, and promptly began learning new methods of attack.

Adam was again encountered inside the alien mothership. Strangely enough, he spent part of that fight lecturing his foes about how the aliens met theit end at the hands of the machines. Deeply fascinated with mankind, he seeks to dissect the surviving humans on the moon.

Adam also appeared in the Copied City. His fascination with humanity lead him to created the Copied City in an attempt to imitate them. He then separated  himself from the network and put his life on the line against 2B in an attempt to better understand the concepts of life and death. While he eventually gained the knowledge he sought, the price was his own life.






  • ??




Video Strategy


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Strategy 1 (Machine Surge)

Machine Surge
            When the battle begins, begin teeing off on Adam to do as much initial damage as you can. Eventually he will back off and a cutscene will occur and the battle will resume again. Continue to assault him with damage and he will back off and charge up again. He will now go airborne but can be gone after with heavy offensive.
He will then teleport to the top of a ledge. From there he will start shooting energy bursts down at you. He will hover around the arena firing at you so ranged is an option here with your PODs. At this point he will start calling beams up from the ground.
When he makes his way back to the ground, bring the attack to him until he is dead.


Strategy 2 (Melee)

A detailed Strategy goes here. It should feature details on the build, level and recommended weapons and items as well as counters for specific attacks.




Adam (Boss) has two attack phases. In the first phase, ??. In the second Phase, ??

First Phase (Machine Surge)
?? He encircles himself in energy and starts deflecting your bullets. He then releases the energy, damaging everything surrounding him. Dodge at the right time when this happens or get away from him before he releases the energy.
?? The same as before, but now he just shoots back all the bullets you shot at him, dealing massive damage. Stay behind him at all times when these two attacks are taking place.
?? He has a horizontal kick, with little to no range. Simple dodge it.

Teleports locations out of reach  and starts doing one of the following two attacks:

A. He starts shooting large energy orbs. Stay locked-on to him so you can easily dodge these orbs.

B. He creates pillars of energy from underneath , dealing some serious damage. You can tell where they're coming out from because a small light appears on the floor. Easily dodgeable as well. Note that you can keep shooting at him while he's far away to keep the damage going. You can even use your Pod's Laser Beam attack to speed up things.

?? Upper kick. He falls backwards and then kicks up. Like always, stay behind him at all times.
?? Downward kick. He jumps and falls with an energy-infused kick. Does lots of damage but luckily he likes to target 9S all the time.
Second Phase
Attack Name Description and Counter
Attack Name Description and Counter



Notes & Trivia

  • Named after the Biblical figure Adam, the first human.





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