The Golden Rabbit

General Info
HP XP Location
?? ?? Amusement Park

The Golden Rabbit is an encounter in Nier: Automata


The Golden Rabbit is a statute in the entrance of the Amusement Park. In order to trigger this particular boss battle, you must have access to 9S' hacking abilities. Hack a robot, then hack the Golden Rabbit with the robot. The Golden Rabbit will come alive and start attacking. It's best to kill all the other bots in the area first so they don't get in the way or attack 2B/9S.


  • The Golden Rabbbit is found in the Amusement Park entrance.
  • This battle is required to 100% complete the game.



  • It drops an S/A Machine required to upgrade your floating companion.






Strategy 1 (Melee)

Although it is possible to use youe melee attacks to defeat The Golden Rabbit, it is dicouraged. Your melee attacks do not do much damage to the Rabbit. Similar to the other Golden Bosses, it it easiest to hack these enemies.


Strategy 2 (Hacking)

Hacking is the easiest, and fastest way to destroy the Rabbit. While melee does very little damage, hacking can end the battle within a few minutes if done properly. You can hide nehind the fountain the Rabbit starts on while hacking. The fountain will block the ranged attacks. While you are hacking, set 2B to 'OP kill everything mode' to deal damage/distract while you are busy hacking. Don't worry, she'll be fine.4




The Golden Rabbit has one attack phase. While it only has two attacks, ranged and melee, you have to be leveled high enough that it won't instantly kill you.

First Phase
Trumpet  The Rabbit will blow into the trumpet shooting the basic ranged attack bubbles like the flying robots. Individually they don't cause a lot of damage, provided you are leveled high enough.
Trumpet Sweep (Close Range) If you're too close to the Rabbit, he will use his trupmet as a melee weapon. This attack will cause consicerably more damage than the ranged attack.



Notes & Trivia

  • Similar to the three other Golden robot battles, it's quickest and easiest to hack your way through the Rabbit.
  • You can't hack the rabbit with 9S in person, use another robot to approach the rabbit, then use it to hack the Rabbit.



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    • Anonymous

      on pc. hacking the rabbit doesn't work now. you need to attack non stop the rabbit once the rabbit is moving you can hack it now using 9s. for level 60 it took me 5 mins to move. with +6 attack up

      • Anonymous

        On the Notes and Trivia section: 9S can hack the rabbit in person. I one-shot it every time it awakens when I hack it. Either this bit is out-of-date, or it's different per platform. My experience has been on PC, recently too.

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