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Anemone's Past is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"Anemone seems to have recalled something upon hearing the name of A2, though she wants your help finding more information. But where to go?"

"Target locations have been marked on the map using energy signatures emitted during combat. Investigate A2's readings at the abandoned factory"

"2B and 9S found a data log on A2 at the abandoned factory. Keep investigating the energy readings to gain more information"

"All locations with energy readings have been investigated. Return to Anemone and hand over the data."

"Upon looking at the data, Anemone was sure that A2 was the android she knew. It turns out they fought together in the past, but the squad under A2's command was wiped out. When told that Command wanted A2 executed for desertion, Anemone was shocked beyond words."


Anemone's Past Objectives

  1. Talk to Anemone
  2. Travel to the Abandoned Factory in City Ruins
  3. Pick up the Data Chips by the dead Machines in the factory.
  4. Return to the Resistance Camp and talk to Anemone.



Anemone's Past Rewards



Anemone's Past Walkthrough

  • After completing the quest Resupply, Anemone will trigger Missile Supply Mission. Talk to her once more to have a conversation about A2 and start the quest Anemone's Past
  • Leave the Resistance Camp and a conversation with 9S will narrow down the search to the Abandoned Factory in City Ruins. Travel there to investigate
  • Inside the factory, you will find a dead machine and pick up Data Chip A by it. Continue further into the factory and pick up Data Chip B, Data Chip C, Data Chip D and Data Chip E.
  • Head back, and you will encounter some level 30 machines on the way, including Multi-leg Medium Model. Defeat them and continue on to the Resistance Camp.
  • Talk to Anemone to complete the quest.





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      16 Apr 2018 21:47  

      its a questchain, starting with the dude who wants a musik box, at the fence of the camp. 2 quests later it starts anemones past

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