Angel's Folly

angel's folly combat bracers nier automata wiki guide
Attack 570 - 627
Combo Light 8
Combo Heavy 3
Weapon Type Combat Bracers
Special Effect/s

ATK Speed Up

Angel's Mercy (HP restored when defeating enemies)

Angel's Folly is a Combat Bracer in NieR: Automata. Angel's Folly has the best base damage among all the Combat Bracers in the game. This weapon also increases your attack speed and with Angel's Mercy, you restore a portion of your health upon defeating an enemy. Combat Bracers are Weapons that are equipped on both hands and are different from the other bladed weapons in the game. Combat Bracers are also the fastest weapons in the game with also the lowest damage output out of all the weapon types.


Weapons shaped after an angel's holy wings.

Weapons fashioned in parts unknown to resemble the holy wings of angels.


Where to Find Angel's Folly in NieR Automata

  • Can be purchased from Emil's Shop fro 25,000G and requires the "Wayyy Bored" mail from Emil for the weapon to show up in his inventory.


Angel's Folly NieR Automata Weapon Story

Angel's Folly Level 1 Weapon Story

"Once, there was a demon who held an affinity for angels. He dreamed of serving alongside them and their god, yet cursed the impossibility of it all. Then one day, he came to earth, bringing himself a step closer to heaven."

Angel's Folly Level 2 Weapon Story

"An angel was sent to slay the demon. When the evil one saw his foe, he burst into tears and revealed his plan. "Please," the demon begged, "you must give me a set of white wings for my very own!""

Angel's Folly Level 3 Weapon Story

"The angel agreed to trade a set of white wings for the head of another demon. Overjoyed, the demon killed one of his own and plucked the head right off its still-warm body."

Angel's Folly Level 4 Weapon Story

"The angel then led the demon to heaven, where he underwent centuries of the cruelest tortures imaginable. Finally, the pain was so great that he lost consciousness—at which point his dark wings turned the promised shade of white."


Angel's Folly Weapon Upgrades in NieR Automata

Level Atk Value Combo Other Improvement Required Materials
1 150 - 165 Light: 5
Heavy: 2
2 270 - 297 Light: 6
Heavy: 2
ATK Speed Up
3 420 - 462 Light: 7
Heavy: 3
ATK Speed Up
4 (Max) 570 - 627 Light: 8
Heavy: 3
ATK Speed Up
Angel's Mercy


Angel's Folly Notes and Tips

  • Other Notes, Tips, and Trivia for Angel's Folly in NieR: Automata goes here.



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    • Anonymous

      to get the emil with the desired items, talk to him, use the teleport, then try finding the right emil near the resistence camp.

      • Anonymous

        The Demon was a selfish and niave traitor, such a being could never be an angel. That he betrayed and murdered his own kind demonstrates that he never understood what he was aiming at.

        • Anonymous

          You can tell what Emil is going to sell you by the music he is playing. The super fast-paced music is for the weapon shop OR the +6 chip shop. Just keep trying and you'll get the one you want eventually.

          • Anonymous

            Emil sells them if you stop him on that piece or road he uses as a ramp next to the Engel. Every time he sells the hard to ger inventory.

            • Anonymous

              I got him selling this (and Type 3 bracers, etc.) in front of the Resistance Camp with super fast music pretty much directly after completing the Emil's Memories quest. This can't be a coincidence... Hope this helps.

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