Animal Care


Side Quest


Forest Zone

Quest Giver

Animal-loving Machine



Animal Care is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"One of the moose in the care of the animal-loving machine lifeform has fallen ill. Search the commercial facility for a recipe that can cure the poor creature.

Thanks to the medicine, the sick moose made a full recovery. The relieved machine expressed wonder that living animals can't simply be repaired as machines are, and also that they possess warmth that machine lifeforms lack."


Animal Care Objectives

  1. Head to the mall area outside the Forest Zone and look for the recipe
  2. Teach the recipe to the machine in the Forest Shack



Animal Care Rewards



Animal Care Walkthrough

  • This quest can be obtained from the Animal-loving Machine if you spare his Boar after confronting him in the Forest Zone.
  • Head to the mall area outside of this zone where the locked door was when you first got here. Pick up the Toothbrush located here for ??. Search the area and find the Medical Journal. Then head back to the Animal-loving Machine.
  • Next time you visit, you can do the quest Turf War.




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    • Anonymous

      22 Mar 2017 03:40  

      The animal loving machine disappeared from his house and the event marker isnt there for me to accept animal care. I spared him. Does his quest disappear or is this a glitch

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