Anti Chain Damage


Defense Chip



Anti Chain Damage is a Defense Chip in Nier: Automata



Turn invincible for x second(s) after taking damage.


Effects & Uses

  • Flooded City - Locked Chest: Located before the second lift inside the Soul Box recovery unit during the quest Obtain Keys (third playthrough) (+6 Version)
  • ??
  • ??



  • The bonuses from this chip stack up to a maximum bonus of 6 seconds.
  • The most efficient way to get the maximum bonus (6 seconds) is to stack three [+3 ♦] chips.
  • ??


Information Table

Version Bonus Capacity Location/Where to Find
+0 Turn invincible for 0.5 seconds after taking damage.  4-11  Machine Village - Shop
+1 Turn invincible for 1 second after taking damage.   5-?  
+2 Turn invincible for 1.5 seconds after taking damage.  6-?  
+3 Turn invincible for 2 seconds after taking damage. 7-? Reward for completing The Manager's Request
+4  Turn invincible for 2.5 seconds after taking damage. 9-?  
+5 Turn invincible for 3 seconds after taking damage.  11-?  
+6 Turn invincible for 4 seconds after taking damage.  14-? Flooded City - Locked Chest
+8 Turn invincible for 6 seconds after taking damage.      


Defense Chips
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    • Anonymous

      You can farm these while on the qst playtrough, when you're at the quest step saying; head to the forest via the commercial facility.
      At some point you'll reach the Save 'vending machine' called Forest Castle: Front.
      From there you just make your way trough the castle, killing the small bipeds on your way.
      After a short bit you'll be outside of the castle while still on a linear path, continue to the right and kill all small biped spawns there.
      On this route you should be able to farm:
      - Anti chain damage
      - Max HP Up
      - Deadly Heal
      Now here is where it gets interesting. When you go back outside to the left, and make your way back in the castle on the left side.
      For some reason groups of small bipeds just kept spawning there so i just kept killing them, running back and forth to the left room from where they spawn, kill them, run outside to the right, they spawn to the left again, kill them, rince repeat.
      These mobs only seem to drop Max HP Up Chips, so if you want to keep farming Anti Chain and Deadly Heal, run back to the left trough the castle, quicksave whenever possible, load your save and run it again.

      • Anonymous

        +4 is 2.5, +5 is 3.0, +6 is 4.0, +7 is 5.0, +8 is 6.0
        it caps at 6 seconds, and can be triggered via self-destruct/Berserk as well, enabling a grace period after such.
        excellent synergism with auto-use item in that you can self-destruct, only to be healed immediately, and invulnerable due to anti-chain's effects.
        also useful with auto-heal at higher duration.

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