Beauvoir (aka Simone) is a Boss in Nier: Automata. It is the boss you encounter in the Abandoned Amusement Park.


A Goliath-class machine lifeform modeled after an opera singer, this unit attacked foes using the repurposed bodies of living androids. Obsessed with a certain other machine lifeform, she put great thought into her appearance--even going so far as to cannibalize her own kind. Alas, such garish decorations only ended up being a spectacular display of poor taste. Her search for beauty eventually led to her demise when she attacked 2B and 9S.






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Video Strategy


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Strategy 1 (Melee)

When the fight starts she'll launch an area of effect orb barrage that you can dodge or let bounce over you. Get up close and then land some attacks on her. She'll launch a homing missile barrage that you will have to run from. Afterwards, she'll launch a beam attack from the side of her base and will rotate. You'll have to keep pace or hop over the beams and leap attack her. 

When she starts rotating around the arena, spewing fire you'll want to stay active and airborne to avoid the damage. Eventually she will stop and will let off a series of concentric lasers that increase and then decrease in size. This is a bit of a timing game and you'll want to avoid their spacing stepping forward gradually until you can attack her again. Eventually she'll turn around and go back to the stage. She'll then initiate a burst that triggers a hacking minigame. In the hack, you'll want to shoot out the black boxes and then destroy the black orb. 

Afterwards she'll begin to call down corpses on crosses that will shoot ringed energy at you. You'll have to destroy them all. Mind the energy waves she calls out to avoid more hacking games. Hop over them as they approach. Otherwise the hacking games will get increasingly more treacherous, with the bouncing black orb tossing its own ammo at you. After you destroy the crosses, she'll make her way back into the arena. You can unleash a barrage until she begins to flail around. Eventually an apparatus will emerge from her undercarriage that will lunge at you. Keep your distance and press your attacks. Eventually she will be defeated and a cutscene will play.


Strategy 2 (Magic)

A detailed Strategy goes here. It should feature details on the build, level and recommended weapons and items as well as counters for specific attacks.




First Phase
Sweeping Blades  She raises her skirt a little bit and many little blades start circling her. She moves around while she does this and the more damaged she is, the faster she is.
Bouncing Orb She also raises her skirt and many energy orbs come our from underneath her and bounce a couple times. This happens 4 or 5 times and you can stay still in between the places where they bounce but to be safe before she raises her skirt, make sure to back away.
Homing Bullets She shoots bullets from her mouth/face and home in on you. Since they come from above, you can easily tell where they're coming from and dodge them.
Homing Missiles  Similar to the previous attack, but this time they come out from her back and are faster than the bullets. Simply press the dodge button over and over.
Sweeping Lasers  Once again, the skirt goes up and several red lines appear on the floor, all coming from underneath her. After a couple seconds, she'll shoot lasers where the lines were and keep spinning. You can simply stay in-between the lasers and the further away you are from her the easier it is.
Bouncing Lase Seven circular lasers come out from her and go up and then down onto the floor. Each passing Laser grows in size so make sure to back away as much as you can. If you don't have enough space / time, try jumping in between the lasers and use that dodge button.



Notes & Trivia

  • Named after the French philosopher Simone de Beauvoir. 
  • Her original machine name, Simone, is also the name of an opera singer (Simone Osbourne).
  • The machine that initially made her obsessed with becoming beautiful and graceful was, incidentally, Jean-Paul, the same machine who has a female following encountered throughout the game. Jean-Paul is himself a reference to Jean-Paul Sartre; in real life, de Beauvoir and Sartre had a long-time romantic relationship, though they never married.





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