Bunker Maintenance Shop Owner

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Merchant Type Maintenance Shop
Other Name/s n/a
Location The Bunker

Bunker Maintenance Shop Owner is a Merchant in NieR: AutomataBunker Maintenance Shop Owner is a Maintenance Shop found in the game. Bunker Maintenance Shop Owner is the Maintenance shop available at the Terminal side of the Bunker during route B.  Merchants in the game are NPCs that can be encountered in many different Locations as you progress through each area. In addition to their general dialogue or interactions, Merchants can be traded with or will own a Shop stock where players can replenish Items that would benefit them in Combat or enhance their gear. Merchants may also purchase any unwanted items from players or provide extra services such as upgrading Weapons.


Need any maintenance done? You've come to the right person! 


Bunker Maintenance Shop Owner Information NieR Automata

Players can Buy or Sell Items to the Maintenance Shop Owner in the Bunker. She also has the ability to Fuse Items or Upgrade Pods. 

Maintenance Shop Services: 

  • Buy: Access their shop inventory 
  • Upgrade Pod: Gather the required materials to upgrade your Pod and increase their attack levels
  • Fuse: Fuse chips for stronger buffs at the cost of increased storage fill
  • Sell: Sell any unwanted goods for gold


Bunker Maintenance Shop Owner Location and Where to find in NieR Automata

  • The Bunker: Only available after accessing the area during Route B. Take the lift up to the Terminal to find the Maintenance Shop Owner


Bunker Maintenance Shop Owner Shop Stock NieR Automata

Item Name Item Type Price
R010: Laser Pod Program Default
R020: Mirage Pod Program 10,000G
R030: Hammer Pod Program 10,000G
R040: Blade Pod Program 10,000G
R050: Spear Pod Program 10,000G
A060: P Shield Pod Program 10,000G
R070: M Shield Pod Program 10,000G
+8 Storage Storage Upgrade 5,000G
+8 Storage Storage Upgrade 10,000G
+16 Storage Storage Upgrade 20,000G
+24 Storage Storage Upgrade 30,000G 


Bunker Maintenance Shop Owner Trivia, Note & Tips NieR Automata

  • Bunker Maintenance Shop Owner NieR: Automata Notes, Tips and other Trivia.


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