Class 1 Patient Health Record


Class 1 Patient Health Record is one of the information archives in Nier: Automata.


Class 1 Patient: "Yonah"

Chest X-ray: No abnormalities
Heart echo: No abnormalities
C1 Continuing chronic renal failure
C2 Convulsive seizures in the diaphragm
C3 No vomiting <- 4mg luciferase

<Perservation Plan>
The patient's condition makes further treatment impossible. A report will be submitted to the Management Committee detailing courses of action in the event of the patient's death, focusing primarily on how that information is to be manipulated with respect to the Original.

As back-up in the event of a sudden worsening in the patient's condition, she is to be, assigned five additional doctors. [Identification required]

Where to find/Location

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