Attack Chip



Counter is a Attack Chip in Nier: Automata



Move toward an enemy attack with perfect timing to counter it.


Effects & Uses

  • When an enemy attacks you are able to push the control stick towards the enemy, countering their attack and giving you more room to retaliate as Dodging takes a bit longer.
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  • Counter even works when your evasive systems are down, or if you're recovering (From self-destruct, over extended B-mode or story points where you have limited manuverabilty and can't dodge.)  This is due to the fact Counter is a chip, not an actual evasive action.
  • This chip can effectively render you near immortal from some bosses that rely on direct attacks.  Allowing you to attack with impunity while mashing the control stick towards your enemy while attacking.


Information Table

Version Bonus Capacity Location/Where to Find
+0  Counter an enemy attack  ♦4  
+1  Counter an enemy attack to send back 10% of incoming damage  ♦5  
+2  Counter an enemy attack to send back 30% of incoming damage  ♦6  
+3  Counter an enemy attack to send back 60% of incoming damage  ♦7  
+4   Counter an enemy attack to send back 80% of incoming damage   ♦9  
+5   Counter an enemy attack to send back all incoming damage   ♦11  
+6   Counter an enemy attack to send back 150% of incoming damage   ♦14  
+7    ♦17  
+8    ♦21  


    • Anonymous

      06 Sep 2017 07:08  

      I use a Counter +2*, although i have higher ones. If you only want the counter itself, get a Counter+0* it uses only 4 slots.
      Its based heavily on Timing. Since every enemy propagates its attacks, you just need to push into the hit. This saved my butt a lot during Route C. Combined with Overclock, you become a god.
      You will know, if it connected, if you hear a loud noise like swords clashing. (sometimes the camera moves or you see a flash) In that moment, you can choose to use a light or strong hit,similar to a perfect evade Attack.
      Master this. In doubt, evade. Or evade into a counter, which is flashy as **** during Overclock.

      • Anonymous

        07 May 2017 18:17  

        this video is helpful
        shows the two types of counter evasive and chip
        i do not won the video
        sumary of video evasive is the 4 way split teleport thing followed by light heavey or pod fire, chip method is to send movment input in the direction of the incoming atack to kind of shove it away dealing the effect of the chip.

        • Anonymous

          19 Mar 2017 18:02  

          I can't get this thing to trigger for the life of me, I only get an deflect. tried all sorts of timing, and I just don't understand it.

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