Cruel Blood Oath


300 - 330

Combo Light


Combo Heavy



Large Sword



Cruel Blood Oath is a Large Sword in NieR: Automata


Cruel Blood Oath Information


"A black katana kept by warrior monks of the East."

  1. "This warrior's sword has been stained jet black with the blood of years of conflict."



Where to Find\Location

  • In the underground portion of the first desert area after the Desert: Camp access point. It is behind a door that is unlocked by hacking it with 9S.




  • ATK Speed Up
  • Dark Impulse increase your attack when your are below 30% health.




LvL Attack Combo Other Improvement Materials Needed
1 300 - 330 Light: 2
Heavy: 2
2 540 - 594 Light: 2
Heavy: 2
ATK Speed Up 2,500 G, 5x Copper Ore, 5x Beast Hide, 5x Stretched Coil
3 840 - 924 Light: 3
Heavy: 3
ATK Speed Up 5,000 G, 4x Dented Plate, 3x Titanium Alloy, 3x Small Gear, 2x Amber
4 1,140 - 1,254 Light: 4
Heavy: 3

ATK Speed Up

Dark Impulse

10,000 G, 2x Memory Alloy, 5x Small Gear, 3x Large Gear, 2x Machine Arm, 1x Moldavite


Weapon Story


 Level 1


I'll never forget the time we met. I knew ours was a love that would last for eternity."


 Level 2


But even when by his side, his feelings were a mystery. It was painful not to know what he was thinking. So painful."


 Level 3


When I was close, I hurt him. Yet being distant hurt him more."


 Level 4


I finally found my place in life. A place where I am as close as possible, yet eternally distant."



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    • Anonymous

      Is the story on this really a mystery or up for debate? It's 2B and her reminder that 9S will love her every lifetime but that she still is afraid that he wont. It's like meeting a new person and you don't want to be the first one to fall in love, except it's happened so many times and she's still nervous about it... probably because each time she accepts it she knows what comes next. How could anyone possibly get 21O out of this?

      • Anonymous

        it is hard for me to think that this weapon refers to either 2B or 21O, mainly because of the level 2 line, 9S feelings weren't a mystery, and he is quite open and chatty, i do though grant that Virtuous Treaty's story can resemble 9S's feelings for 2B

        • Anonymous

          i think this is the large sword that was used by 9s in the barren temple, referring to it as "9s long sword" in the novella memory cage

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