Data Analysis Freak 2


Side Quest



Quest Giver

Operator 210



Data Analysis Freak 2 is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"The data-loving Operator 210 has forced another request on you. Check your mail for further details."

"The mail contained a new request for intel gathering. Head to the apartment complex in the desert to find traces of humans' daily lives."

"You collected remnants of human society from the apartment complex, after which Operator 210's analysis revealed that they used to live in groups called "families"."

"Operator 210 talked.... and talked... and talked some more... before suddendly ending communications.Make sure to claim the reward she sent via email"


Data Analysis Freak 2 Objectives

  1. Complete Data Analysis Freak
  2. Receive a communication from Operator 210
  3. Open your messages in your Inbox
  4. Go to Desert: Housing Complex.
  5. Pick up the items in the marked area.



Data Analysis Freak 2 Rewards



Data Analysis Freak 2 Walkthrough

  • This quest becomes available on your second playthrough, when you are 9S.
  • After you complete Data Analysis Freak, travel anywhere in the map and Operator 210 will contact you via comms and send you an email to your Inbox. Open the email to get the details of the quest
  • Go to Desert: Housing Complex. and pick up the items in the marked area: Accounting Book, Broken Toy, Small Shoe. If you are having trouble finding the items, equip the HUD: Items chip to have them show on the map.
  • The quest will auto-update with a call from Operator 210, who hints at wishing she had a family, but ends communications.
  • Check your Inbox for the rewards




  • After completing the first quest make sure you transport to any location on the map and then check the Inbox via an access point for a message from Operator 210 to get this quest.
  • If you still do not receive a transmission from Operator 210 simply go to the Resistance Camp and leave the area to get the quest.
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    • Anonymous

      03 May 2017 01:48  

      If you're having trouble getting this one on chapter select cleanup, go to the first part of chapter 6 and teleport to the resistance camp. Then just walk over to the robots outside the camp and you'll receive the mission.

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