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Data on the Old World is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"Pascal asked you to collect information pertaining to the old world. Bring back any interesting tidbits that you find."

"The information pertained to nuclear weapons from the Old World. It could be dangerous in the wrong hands, so it might be best to hand it over to the Commander. Make a choice and deliver the intel to either Pascal or the Commander"

"You attempted to deliver the nuclear weapon intel to Pascal, but he refused to accept such dangerous information"


"You delivered the nuclear weapon intel to Commander, who promised to store it in safe location. As token of appreciation, maintenance materials have been placed in 9S' s room."


Data on the Old World Objectives

  1. Find Archives about the Old World
  2. Deliver the information on the old world to Pascal
  3. Decide if you should give Nuclear Arms Manual to Pascal or the Commander



Data on the Old World Rewards

  • 8,000G

Nuclear Fission information given to Pascal:

Giving the information to Command:



Data on the Old World Walkthrough

  • This quest is available on your second playthrough, when you are 9S and can access Locked Chests.
  • Find all the Archives related to Old World Information. These are locked and hidden inside chests around the world.
  • The only old world information you need to find to complete the quest is the Nuclear Arms Manual. The locked chest containing this is located near the City Ruins: Near the Tower access point, inside a nearby destroyed building with large tree roots wrapped around it. After transporting to the access point, head towards the city ruins and the building will be ahead of you. The chest is located within the lowest accessible floor of three floors.
  • Once you obtain information on nuclear weapons, a choice is available: give the information to Pascal or to the Commander. Giving it to Pascal has no negative effects, as he refuses the information and rewards you anyway.
  • This ends the quest




  • Using chapter select (easiest is probably 07-01) if you haven't turned in Data on the Old World you have to get the book again from the chest even if you already have the archive/item it's associated with (if you load a savefile that had gotten it you can turn it in).
  • You can simply locate and turn in the Nuclear Arms Manual without obtaining all Old World information. Pascal will give you G for each piece of information, but only the Nuclear Arms Manual is necessary to complete the quest.



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    • Anonymous

      Confirmed as of July 2017, during chapter select: giving the Nuclear text to the Commander in the bunker nets you:

      1 Meteorite
      1 Large Recovery
      1 Stun + 6

      • Anonymous

        you do gain a meteorite, she says she sends some materials to your room, go to 9S's room to get the meteorite.

        • Anonymous

          You DO NOT gain a meteorite for handing nuclear to Command. Completely screwed myself over by doing that. Please edit your website x

          • Anonymous

            I think you just need the Factory Cafeteria Sign, Newspaper Scrap, Filthy Lottery Ticket. Tattered Pamphlet, Rotten Info Sheet, Bulletin Record, Paper Attached to Vehicle, Ragged DVD, and Department Store Flyer for the first section. Not everything list under Old World Information.

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