Defense Chips in NieR: Automata is a category of Plug-in ChipsDefense Chips provide different effects and buffs to the Playable Character's overall combat defenses and stat boosts such as increased health, decreased damage against different attacks, and more. Depending on the level of the Defense Chip, it consumes a certain amount of memory to use it. All Plug-in Chips have a Cost that determines how much space they take up when equipped in storage. You can purchase more storage space from merchants so that you can equip more chips. This page covers a list of all the Defense Chips in NieR Automata.

Helpful Tips for Choosing a Plug-in Chip in NieR Automata

  • There are caps when equipping multiple of the same Plug-in Chips to combine their effects. The Drop Rate Up chip effect is capped at 90% and so the maximum effect can be achieved with one Rank 8 chip. In contrast, the EXP Gain Up chip has an estimated 450% cap which is far greater than the 100% effect on a single Rank 8 chip.
  • Sometimes equipping two lower Rank chips to achieve their maximum effect can cost less storage than equipping a max Rank chip, even if the max Rank chip is ♦ Cost.
  • Some chips can be sacrificed in exchange for more power at the cost of convenience or utility, such as choosing to not equip HUD chips that display information like damage values, the mini-map, or even your HP.



NieR Automata All Defense Chips

Quick Search of Defense Chips in NieR: Automata



Plug-in Chip Description/Effect

Plug-in Chip Location

Melee Defense

4-35 Reduce melee damage taken. (2%~80%) Medium Biped (Forest Kingdom)

Ranged Defense

4-35 Reduce projectile damage taken. (2%~80%) Small Flyer (First half of Forest Castle)

Anti Chain Damage

4-35 Turn invincible after taking damage. (0.5~6 seconds) Small Biped Spear Equipped/Medium Quadraped (Forest Zone: Central)


4-35 Avoid stagger after hits if HP is x% or more. (80%~5%) Goliath Robot (Desert); Goliath Biped (Courtyard of Forest Castle Route C)

Max Hp Up

4-35 Increases max HP. (5%~100%) Small Biped Spear Equipped/Medium Quadraped (Forest Zone: Central); Castle Robots

Offensive Heal

4-35 Recover x% of damage dealt as HP. (2%~100%) Small Biped Spear Equipped/Medium Quadraped (Forest Zone: Central); Castle Robots


4-35 After 4-6 seconds of not taking damage, restore x% hp/sec. (0.6%~18%) Small Sphere (City Ruins: Cave); Linked Sphere (City Ruins)


4-35 Recover x% HP for every enemy defeated. (5%~100%) Small Biped Spear Equipped/Medium Quadraped (Forest Zone: Central); Castle Robots

Damage Absorb

4-35 x% chance to restore x% of damage taken. (5%~50% chance to recover 10%~200% HP) Medium Biped Gun Equipped (Amusement Park Entrance); Festival Robots


4-35 x% chance of reviving with x% HP upon death. (5%~50% chance to revive with 10%~80% HP) Medium Biped (Abandoned Factory Underground); YoRHa Body (near 2B's discarded flight unit in Flooded City, Route C)

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