Standard Machines are Enemies in NieR: Automata. These Machine lifeforms - who evolved in the Desert Zone - wear garments and engage in ceremonies based on the cultural rituals of past humans. The specific origin of this behavior is unknown, but it is assumed to be caused by contact with old human data. A majority of the Hostile Machine Units encountered in the desert are based on Standard Machines, but are evolved to fit the Desert. They will each have different types of offensive equipment and unique abilities depending on the Machine type. Players can gain access to their individual Unit Data information after a successful encounter. This data logs down their unique characteristics and features and can be accessed from the Intel menu. 

Unit Data in NieR Automata

Unit Data: View information about encountered units and foes.

Unit Data are Intel excepts accessed through Intel from the menu. Each unit data will contain an image followed by a description and possible encounter description with the unit. You can also interact with the data to view the unit's animations These Data pieces are usually obtained after a successful encounter with the enemy type. This includes some non-hostile units. To acquire all Unit Data, you must find all enemies, NPCs and Bosses. Some Enemies only spawn on certain places or chapters, and you must collect all possible variations of each enemy to get 100% completion. Variations are seen in the "Model Viewer" portion of your game, by pressing Triangle to change the models. For a secret unitsee this page.

Hostile Machines NieR: Automata

Hostile Machines are encountered throughout different Locations in NieR Automata and usually sorted by the Machine type. The Machine types that are sorted according to their Locations are the ones found in the Desert ZoneAbandoned Factory, and those in the Amusement Park. Other common hostile Machines are sorted according to their abilities. The most common types of Hostile Machines are known as Standard Machines. Hostile Machines are generally sorted into the following categories: 



All Desert Machines NieR: Automata



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