Devola & Popola's Item Shop

Devola Popola Shop Header
Merchant Type Item Shop
Other Name/s Devola
Location Resistance Camp

Devola & Popola's Item Shop is a Merchant in NieR: AutomataDevola & Popola's Item Shop is an Item Shop found in the game. Devola & Popola own a shop and make their first appearance together at the Resistance Camp. Pod 153 describes them as rare android models designed for medical treatment and maintenance. Merchants in the game are NPCs that can be encountered in many different Locations as you progress through each area. In addition to their general dialogue or interactions, Merchants can be traded with or will own a Shop stock where players can replenish Items that would benefit them in Combat or enhance their gear. Merchants may also purchase any unwanted items from players or provide extra services such as upgrading Weapons.


Welcome. Is there anything you need? 


Devola & Popola's Item Shop Information NieR Automata


Their Item shop stocks the unique weapons, Type-3 Blade and Type-3 Sword (3rd Playthrough) that can only be obtained from their shop. If you miss out on these items, they can be found again during Route C. 



Devola & Popola's Item Shop Location and Where to find in NieR Automata


Devola & Popola's Item Shop Shop Stock NieR Automata


Devola & Popola's Item Shop Trivia, Note & Tips NieR Automata

  • Devola & Popola's Item Shop NieR: Automata Notes, Tips and other Trivia.



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