Drop Rate Up


Support Chip

Drop Rate Up is a Support Chip in Nier: Automata



Effects & Uses

  • Increase enemy item drop rate by 10-90%



  • Dropped by Small Flyers in the Amusement Park during the first parts of the game. They can be farmed by riding the coaster many times. When playing as 9S in the later parts of the game, they start to drop Heal Drops Up chips as well.
  • Because of how bonuses are allocated across the levels the most efficient way to get the maximum bonus (90%) is to stack a [+3 ♦] and a [+4 ♦] chip.


Information Table

Version Bonus Capacity Location/Where to Find
+0 10% 4-11  
+1 20% 5-12  
+2 30% 6-13  
+3 40% 7-21 Reward for completing Sorting Trouble 2
+4 50% 9-23  
+5 60% 11-25  
+6 70% 14-28  
+7 80% 17-31  
+8 90% 21-35  



Support Chips
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    • Anonymous

      14 Jun 2018 23:08  

      Roller coaster does take a long time but mostly due to the fact that half the chips dont even lamd on the ride. The auto-collect chip might at least help with the ones that fall on the rails and are just outside reach.

      • 06 Sep 2017 00:06  

        Rollercoaster took forever. Best way if you're looking for xp chips too is go from the vending machine to the entrance and kill everything, npc included. Quick save load and repeat.

        • Anonymous

          14 May 2017 05:42  

          If you're trying to also farm exp+ chips the front entrance is a good place to quick save/load farm since the flyers there also drop the chip frequently and the other bots in the area drop nice chips too.

          • Anonymous

            02 Apr 2017 06:48  

            It is more cost effective to use 3 of the +2 chips (cost 18, 6+6+6 black diamond) than it is to use a +8 chip. It is also more cost effective than any other combination. Thought this might help people. Also thought it was a weird oversight by the developers

            • Anonymous

              15 Mar 2017 21:28  

              They can be farmed from the rollercoaster ride in festival city. You don't even need to attack the other machines, because it is infinitely repeatable.

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