Engels 110-B Record 0020


Engels 110-B Record 0020 is one of the information archives in Nier: Automata.


[Journal 000]

As I can no longer move, I have nothing to do.

Perhaps I will try writting what is called a "journal".


[Journal 010]

Where did machine lifeforms come from?

We repeat a process of self-proliferation and repair.

Am I my own existence?

Or do we all encompass one sole existence?


[Journal 020]

The aliens--our creators--are beings that conquer worlds and stars.

Their behavior is exceedingly simple. They share one objective, and as such, there is never conflict between them.

But what about machine lifeforms? What about us?


[Journal 030]

Rain is falling. A bird stopped on my shoulder.

I never tire of looking at life on this planet.

I will make my record of this bird protected data so I do not lose it.

Where to find/Location

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