Family Squabble


Side Quest


Machine Village

Quest Giver

Mother Machine



Family Squabble is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"A small child ran away from Pascal's village after an argument with his mother, who is now desperate for your help. Go to the city ruins and bring the child back in one piece."

"The child has been brought back to the village, where he reconciled with his parents. Since the machines are cut off from the network, the mother doesn't know what her child is thinking. However, this makes the joy of learning to understand each other that much more fullfilling."


Family Squabble Objectives

  1. Find the child in the City Ruins
  2. Defend the child from hostile machines
  3. Escort the child back to safety



Family Squabble Rewards



Family Squabble Walkthrough

  • This quest unlocks on a return visit to Machine Village after the Assault event.
  • To trigger the quest, go to the machine village from the City Ruins access, and you will see the mother and child fight before you get to the ramparts to the village. Talk to the mother to begin the quest
  • Travel to City Ruins, near the Desert entrance, and defend the child from hostile machines levels 10-15. After A wave of attacks, talk to it again and it will agree to go home.
  • Escort it back, you will be attacked by level 15 enemies. It is best to get their attention and move away from the escorted NPC, so that projectiles don't hit it.
  • Once you reach the mother, they will have a talk and she will confess that disconnecting from the network is very difficult because they misunderstand each other a lot now.




  • You can Fail the mission if the NPC Died.
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    • Anonymous

      08 Jul 2017 18:42  

      fun fact if u let the kid die u get a new dialogue in the quest descriptor as well as additional dialogue from mom
      fun fact 2 mom cant die no matter how much u hit her
      fun fact 3 u cant hit the child npc during the quest

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