Find a Present


Side Quest



Quest Giver

Operator 6O



Find a Present is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"Data from a rare flower would be a perfect gift for Operator 6O. Collect the following item in order to take the required photo: Desert Rose x1"

"You found a desert rose, take a picture and send it to Operator 6O"

"You received a reward from Operator 6O in thanks for the picture of the desert rose. She seems more infatuated with Earth now than ever, if such a thing is possible. Make sure to claim the reward she sent over email"


Find a Present Objectives

  1. Acquire a Desert Rose
  2. Send the picture to Operator 6O
  3. Check your inbox for a reward



Find a Present Rewards



Find a Present Walkthrough

  • This quest will appear in your Inbox after completing the quest Terminal Repairs and heading to the resistance camp. Head to the Desert: Oil Field access point and head northwest to find the rose.
  • Pod will take a picture and upload it.
  • Head back to your Inbox to pick up your reward.




  • Quest becomes unavailable after the Flooded City
  • Route C: If the player complete this quest, Operator 6O will thank 2B for the flowers during the escape from Bunker, albeit in distorted voice.
  • If you have a Desert Rose in your inventory when triggering this quest, it will automatically complete.



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    • 24 Mar 2018 19:45  

      Tried selecting chapter 06-02 and transporting to resistance camp, but no luck. I don't even have terminal repairs in my quest log, but I definitely completed it my first playthrough.

      • Anonymous

        12 May 2017 04:27  

        I missed this mission but completed Terminal Repairs in Route A.
        By starting from chapter 06-02 and transport to Resistance Camp, I finally triggered this mission.

        • Anonymous

          09 Apr 2017 04:30  

          Just to point out, it's Operator Six-Oh, not Operator Six-Zero. Fixed incorrect spelling, but don't know how to correct the miscoloured link in the quest details box. Someone should get on that.

          • Anonymous

            02 Apr 2017 05:01  

            I missed this mission during playthrough A, and replaying it using chapter select makes it kinda weird to trigger the quest, but I figured it out.

            1. Go back to either chapter 06-05 and fight the boss in the Royal Chamber (or 07-01 if you want to skip the Royal Chamber fight, but I'd say better safe than sorry), Report to Pascal to finish the main story quest.
            2. Next, teleport to City Ruins: Center and walk towards City Ruins: Near the Tower access point. Near the latter access point you'll receive the mail that triggers the Terminal Repairs quest. (Teleporting straight to City Ruins: Near the Tower didn't seem to trigger the mail.) Walk back to the former access point and destroy the machines there. To finish the quest, open the reward mail after the dialogue with Operator 60.
            3. Teleport to the Resistance Camp to receive the mail that triggers this quest.
            4. Follow the instruction on this page to finish the quest. If you happen to possess the Desert Rose by the time you receive the quest, 2B will immediately upload the photograph. Finish the quest by opening Operator 60's reward mail.

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