Flooded City Recon


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City Ruins

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Flooded City Recon is a Main Story Quest in NieR: Automata


"The central portion of City Ruins has caved in, revealing a flooded cave within and showing an Alien signal for the first ime in hundreds of years."


Flooded City Recon Objectives

  1. Investigate the underground cave
  2. Fight Adam & Eve
  3. Report back to the bunker



Flooded City Recon Rewards



Flooded City Recon Walkthrough

  • Head towards the caved portion of City Ruins after the Assault event. Jump down into the ware
  • Roam around the tunnels, discovering a chest with 3x Titanium Alloy in the way. You will come to a set of stairs going up into a bright blue room.
  • This will trigger a boss fight.with Adam & Eve. They reveal that they destroyed their creators, the Aliens, and that machines have evolved and think they may destroy androids as well. They reveal they want to dissect the humans on the moon to analyze them. 9S and 2B refuse to cooperate with them.
  • Adam & Eve escape, triggering the trophy Creation and Insurrection.
  • Once you exit back to the caverns, a message from Operator 60 lets you know there's now a transporter on the City Ruins, and progresses to the next quest: Alien Report




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