Forest Zone Supply Trader

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Merchant Type Supply Trader
Other Name/s n/a
Location Forest Zone

Forest Zone Supply Trader is a Merchant in NieR: AutomataForest Zone Supply Trader is a Supply Trader found in the game. This is the Resistance Supply Trader's second Location. They own an Item Shop in the Forest ZoneMerchants in the game are NPCs that can be encountered in many different Locations as you progress through each area. In addition to their general dialogue or interactions, Merchants can be traded with or will own a Shop stock where players can replenish Items that would benefit them in Combat or enhance their gear. Merchants may also purchase any unwanted items from players or provide extra services such as upgrading Weapons.


This forest branch just opened for business today. Feel free to swing by if there's anything you need.


Forest Zone Supply Trader Information NieR Automata


The Supply Trader in this location moves from the Resistance Camp. They open a forest  branch here after completing Camp Development which becomes available in Chapter 7. Once he is encountered in this location, he offers another Side quest: Culinary Researcher

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Forest Zone Supply Trader Location and Where to find in NieR Automata


Forest Zone Supply Trader Shop Stock NieR Automata

Item Name Item Type Cost
Small Recovery Restorative Item 100 G
Medium Recovery Restorative Item 200 G
Large Recovery Restorative Item 400 G
Full Recovery Restorative Item 500 G
Visual Cure Restorative Item 150 G
Aural Cure Restorative Item 150 G
Cure Manipulation Restorative Item 150G
Cure All Status Restorative Item 300 G
Cure All + Heal All Restorative Item 1500 G
Volt-Proof Salve Restorative Item 150 G
HUD: HP Gauge Plug-in Chip 50 0G
HUD: Sound Waves Plug-in Chip 5,000 G
HUD: Enemy Data Plug-in Chip 500 G
HUD: Skill Gauge Plug-in Chip 500 G
HUD: Text Log Plug-in Chip 500 G
HUD: Mini-map Plug-in Chip 500 G
HUD: EXP Gauge Plug-in Chip 5,000 G
HUD: Save Points Plug-in Chip 500 G
HUD: Damage Values Plug-in Chip 500 G
HUD: Objectives Plug-in Chip 500 G
HUD: Control Plug-in Chip 500 G
HUD: Fishing Spots Plug-in Chip 5,000 G
Item Scan Plug-in Chip 5,000 G
Auto-Attack Plug-in Chip 500 G
Auto-Fire Plug-in Chip 500 G
Auto-Evade Plug-in Chip 500 G
Auto-Program Plug-in Chip 500 G
Auto-Weapon Switch Plug-in Chip 500 G
Critical Up [11] Plug-in Chip 2,000 G
Critical Up +1 [12] Plug-in Chip 5,000 G
Critical Up +2 [13] Plug-in Chip 10,000 G
Auto-Heal [11] Plug-in Chip 2,500 G
Auto-Heal +1 [12] Plug-in Chip 5,000 G
Auto-Heal +2 [13] Plug-in Chip 10,000 G
Shock Wave [11] Plug-in Chip 2,500G
Shock Wave +1 [12] Plug-in Chip 5,000 G
Shock Wave +2 [13] Plug-in Chip 10,000 G
Damage Absorb [11] Plug-in Chip 500 G
Damage Absorb +1 [12] Plug-in Chip 1,000 G
Damage Absorb +2 [13] Plug-in Chip 2,000 G
Reset [11] Plug-in Chip 2,500 G
Reset +1 [12] Plug-in Chip 5,000 G
Reset +2 [13] Plug-in Chip 10,000 G
Animal Bait Support Item 100G
Sachet Key Item 1,000G


Forest Zone Supply Trader Trivia, Note & Tips NieR Automata

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