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Gathering Keepsakes is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"A man at the resistance camp has lost contact with his comrades and asked you to find them. All members of the group wield dual weapons. Head to the source of their last known communication in Flooded City."

"You found the resistance member's corpse in the flooded city. It looks like he came here in an attempt to escape a battle. You collected the dog tag from his fallen body. You've received Resistance distress signals coming from the Amusement Park and Abandoned Factory. Go Investigate"

"The resistance member who sent the distress signal from abandoned factory didn't make it. he was already dead when you arrived.

The resistance memeber in the amusement park called out for help, but it was too late. He was already dead by the time you arrived."

"An urgent request for backup came through to the dead resistance member's location. head to the desert and save the resistance!"

"The resistance member in the desert was killed by a tank-like machine lifeform. Bring the item you recovered from his body back to the man at the camp."

"Having received the mementos of his fallen comrades, the resistance man gathered flowers from around the camp to commemorate their sacrifice"

"9S erected a grave for 2B, putting to use the knowledge of funeral customs that he'd learned. He laid her to rest among beautiful white flowers so she would finally be at peace"


Gathering Keepsakes Objectives

  1. Go to the Flooded City
  2. Investigate the signals at the Amusement Park
  3. Investigate the signals at the Abandoned Factory
  4. Go to the Desert Zone
  5. Defeat the Machines
  6. Return to the client at the Resistance Camp
  7. Visit Emil's special place under the Commercial Facility



Gathering Keepsakes Rewards



Gathering Keepsakes Walkthrough

  • This quest becomes available on your third playthrough, after the quest Loss, when you select 9S and trigger "Tower Recon".
  • Talk to the resistance member at the Resistance Camp and agree to help him.
  • Head to the Flooded City, and go towards the broken road by the sea. Defeat some machines and interact with the dead android to obtain Rusty Dog Tag x1. Your pod will update other search locations.
  • Go back to the transporter and travel to the Amusement Park. The machines here have turned into Zombies. Go to the reception area where there were celebrations earlier and obtain Damaged Dog Tag x1
  • Next go to the Factory: Entrance access point in City Ruins. On the plans near the access point, you can find Dirty Dog Tag x1.
  • Continue to Desert Zone to the marked area near the central access point. You will be attacked by a new type of machine, and after you defeat it obtain Bloody Dog Tag x1.
  • Return to the Resistance Camp and the man will give you a reward, but the quest is not done yet.
  • Go to City Ruins: Near the Tower and head to Emil's secret place under the Commercial Facility (Must have completed Emil's Memories). 9S will mark a grave for 2B and end the quest.




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    • Anonymous

      Done this quest as A2, and i can't access the freaking elevator since game so graciously put me on rails straight to the route ending by just talking to an NPC ...

      • Anonymous

        If you have the key but the elevator is bugged (arrow pointing above it, but you cannot interact with it to open it) do the following:
        - restart at chapter 07-01 and talk to Pascal
        DISCLAMER: I did it as 2b, but you should be able to do it as 9s also (there's 1 chest that needs hacking when you finish the quest)
        - go talk to emil (he will be selling items like he would normally) but now you will be able to redo the quest after going into buy/sell menu with him
        - go to the flower in the shopping mall to restart the quest
        - redo the quest (find all the flowers again)
        - after the quest is complete you will get the key again. Go open the elevator in the shopping centre - it should remain open from then on. Use the elevator.
        - you can now finish "Gathering keepsakes" quest by accessing the elevator too (redo the quest, I did it at ch. 15-01)

        • Anonymous

          On completing this quest and making the grave, I obtained unit data for the dessert tank. I noticed this because I had with that addition, I pass 80% of unit data with the steam notification popping up. I had already destroyed the tank. Is this some kind of bug, or some unseen check being made?

          • Anonymous

            I’ve completed emils memories and have the elevator key.Then I went and did the gathering keepsakes quest I talked to the guy and got the rewards. I then proceeded to go to where the elevator is but for some reason I can’t open the elevator and ideas?

            • Anonymous

              I missed out on the chance to make a grave for 2B because i thought that 9S would be way too consumed by his anger and rage at this point. This really makes me sad in hindsight... but ultimately a more believeable decision imo.

              • If you do not complete Emil's Memories before entering the flight units in the Flooded City, this quest will be available to activate, but will lock up at "Having received the mementos of his fallen comrades, the resistance man gathered flowers from around the camp to commemorate their sacrifice". Since you lack the key to the elevator at the Commercial Facility, it becomes impossible to complete the quest until you get Chapter Select and use it to complete Emil's Memories. So don't start it in the first place until you do, unless you just want the initial reward.

                • Anonymous

                  They should've made an alternative version in wich you complete this quest without 2B, or at least made it so you can do it anyway. There's no reason to fail this quest like that. Just ranting, sorry.

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