Gold Goliath Biped

gold goliath biped


Peculiar Machine







Gold Goliath Biped is a Peculiar Machine enemy in NieR: Automata


Gold Goliath Biped Information

"A golden Goliath-class biped that is accompanied by small stubbies of the same color."

  • Has incredibly high health, will take a long time to defeat
  • Same moveset as Enhanced Goliath Biped

Gold Goliath Biped Locations


Gold Goliath Biped Drops

  • None



  • Use Pod C 
  • Focus a single biped to reduce long term threat.  Avoid grab attack
  • Hack as 9S
  • ??




  • Required to kill both bipeds and vengeful child to obtain a Powerup Part S, needed to upgrade pods to level 2.
  • ??
  • ??



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    • Anonymous

      HHMM, I got to fight 3 golds, the one with the tank, and the two with 2 x bipeds each. got them in my first play through as 2B. Tank outside the desert housing area, one in the ruined city and one on my way to the missile mission in the flooded city. was lvl 32 for the tank and still in the 30 range for the other 2, all of them was a pretty long fight. I read they where not supposed to appear in 2B's play through but in 9S's one, well that was obviously wrong.

      • Anonymous

        If you are playing as 9S you can hack the accompanying Courageous Brother when he is nearby and the resulting explosion will instantly kill the Goliath.

        • Anonymous

          I ran into them in the city ruins after I completed Jackass's quest and got the E Drugs, but I hadn't received the Forest Kingdom Quest yet. They just there.

          • Anonymous

            Two located in the City Ruins near the base of the building Father Servo is on. Seem to only appear post-Forest Kingdom.

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