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Goliath Biped is an Standard Machine enemy in NieR: Automata


Goliath Biped Information

"This humanoid, Goliath-class machine lifeform is actually a colony of smaller machines that uses their combined energy to move one massive body. The expandable slide-rail arms punish all who draw close, while the liquid-fuel rocket engine on its back grants short-lived flight abilities. It also boasts powerful projectile weapons and transport apparatuses of the linked machines that comprise it, making it a dangerous foe with no apparent weaknes.

This model has enhanced leg power and a body that's flipped upside down. Unlike the standard model, it is quite agile. The rocket engine on its back is used when attacking from the air, propelling diving kicks toward the ground."

EMP Attack: "Machine lifeforms with extendable necks that resemble the human spinal cord. They attack with electromagnetic pulses that interfere with a variety of functions."


Goliath Biped Locations



Goliath Biped Drops




  • Engage from ranged and shoot its legs, then do a strong pod attack on it's body whenever its ready
  • Avoid melee range as much as possible




  • EMP Attack Machine: Goliath Biped is found in the City Ruins near the pathway to the Desert Camp in Chapter 16-01.
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Normal Goliath Biped

Machine Village: Goliath Biped

Desert Goliath Biped


Goliath Biped: Enhanced Legpower Model
Goliath Biped Enhanced


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    • Anonymous

      Fighting in Arenas, it's always a good idea to attack them first, because the more time they stay, the more dangerous they become. Mind that usually is better to jump and attack them in the air, possibly with "P Shield" program activated: if you stand in the air, you usually have not to worry about all other attacks from machines on the ground.
      Well, of course, you're not immune to projectiles (but jumping usually is also a good idea in that regard), and be especially careful if you're fighting two goliath bipeds near each other - "P Shield" is useful, but won't protect you from the catch attack from the regular model, or the stomp attack from the "Enhanced Legpower" one. Ah yes, attacking them in the air also is good because avoid you from being stomped. Just be careful from the super-telegraphed catch-attack of the regular one.

      • Anonymous

        If you jump and hit really hard his arms, eventually his armor on them will fall away. It has a separeted destroyable armor on the left and right arm. I'm not sure, but I suppose that after ther armor on his arms is destroyed, your damage rating on him increase. If anyone can test it objectively it will be surely appreciated.

        • Anonymous

          i like to melee range it, it's quiet easy. Just get close and go air combing it to death evading the dangerous stuff he telegraphs. If you have problems killing it try to work out a better build or increase your lvl.

          • Anonymous

            The EMP Goliath is the same guy that jams the signal at the beginning of route C. You'll need to wait for him to charge his EMP attack before it registers as an EMP Goliath instead of a normal one

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