Goliath Tank (Desert)

goliath tank desert
Type Peculiar Machine
Location Desert Zone
Other Names n/a
Voice Actor n/a
?? 55

Goliath Tank (Desert) is a Boss in NieR: Automata. Goliath Tank units have multiple versions that are encountered throughout different Locations. Each of them have their own unique data that can be obtained and not all Goliath Tank encounters are hostile. Bosses are special larger Enemies that can be encountered throughout the game in different Locations. A Boss encounter will usually signify game progress or a chapter ending when following the main storyline. Some of these bosses may first be encountered As NPCs to introduce some Lore and backstory before they are inevitably faced in a Combat encounter as a Boss. Boss encountered are identified by their introductory title that will be displayed just before combat begins. Their HP bar and Level will also be displayed above the character throughout the combat encounter. Some bosses in the game may be optional and avoided. All information on optional or required bosses stats, Locations, encounters and strategies can be found on their designated Bosses


A tank-like machine lifeform with thorns and blades across its exterior. Its thoughts are dominated by mayhem, as well as a burning desire to avenge its comrades.


NieR Automata Goliath Tank (Desert) Location


NieR Automata Goliath Tank (Desert) Information

  • Type: Peculiar Machine
  • HP: ??
  • Lv: 55
  • Goliath Tank (Desert) is not an optional encounter.

Its unit data will only register once you complete the quest: Gathering Keepsakes

Goliath Tank Locations:

Abandoned Factory Goliath Tank Data: 

  • A tank-like, Goliath-class machine lifeform found at the abandoned factory. It requires a number of smaller units to function, including a commander in the top section of the turret, an operator in the front chamber, and various other machines scattered throughout. The top-mounted cannon is capable of firing energy rounds and powerful lasers, while the front contains an arm-like sctructure that can strike and cleave foes with ease. Finally, the rear section boasts both the attacking and defensive...".

Desert Goliath Tank Data: 

  • A tank-like machine lifeform with thorns and blades across its exterior. Its thoughts are dominated by mayhem, as well as a burning desire to avenge its comrades.

Amusement Park Goliath Tank  In game data:

  • "Found in the ruins of an amusement park, this tank-like, Goliath-class machine lifeform has a tread-based system of locomotion that lets it cover all manner of terrain. Appearance-wise, the unit seems to be part of the park itself, right down to its decorative lights and a turret that fires colorful confetti. Strangely enough, it also insists on obeying archaic traffic laws, even going so far as to use turn signals and brake lights."


NieR Automata Goliath Tank (Desert) Drops  


Goliath Tank (Desert) Strategies NieR Automata

Goliath Tank (Desert) Strategy (Melee) NieR Automata

Much like its counterparts encountered previously, the Goliath Tank in the desert is a similar variant with additional features. When encountered at the desert, two tanks will appear at a time. This time the orbs from the tank are more desse and the tank comes equipped with spikes to protect its rear so revealing its weakness will not be as easy.

In previous encounters If you don't mind forfeiting the Machine Core, you can approach the hatch in the middle by climbing onto the back platform which will reveal a canister containing the machine's power core. This is the tank's weakpoint. You can focus here to quickly deplete it's HP but it as a result, the tank will no longer drop the Machine Core.

With this tank, you will be forced to keep a distance to avoid damage from spikes and orbs. They will still have a similar moveset from previous variants. 


Goliath Tank (Desert) Attacks NieR Automata

First Phase
Orb Turrets These orbs are continuously released during this encounter through different formations. It is safer to approach while the turrets are pointed upwards.
Orb cannon Blows out a cluster of orbs that disperse from its cannon.
Orb release Orbs are sporadically released from the tank in all directions. They are slow moving can be dodge.
Side Swipe This tank has extension parts that can extend and swipe from the side. As soon as you see this extension, dodge to the opposite side. 
Charge Stay out of the line of sight of the tank to avoid this attack where it charges forward.

Goliath Tank (Desert) Notes & Trivia NieR Automata

  • Goliath Tank (Desert) NieR Automata Notes & Tips go here.


Goliath Tank (Desert) Gallery NieR Automata

Goliath Tanks Hail The Machines Front Goliath Tank Frontal Arm Smash Front Goliath Tanks Burn Them Front


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