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Machine Village

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Scientist Machine



Half-Wit Inventor is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"An academic machine in a section of Pascal's village claims to be a genius inventor in search of an investor and asks you to make a contribution - for science, of course. Swallow your cynicism and open your pocketbook!."

"Thanks to your magnanimous investment, the self-proclaimed genius was ready to undertake the invention of a lifetime. After a while, a gigantic structure that reached beyond the limits of your vision appeared... a structure that was in truth a launching platform that could send its payload to the moon!

... Unfortunately, it never reached the moon. It missed and hit Mars instead, much to the inventor's chagrin."


Half-Wit Inventor Objectives

  1. Invest an amount of G on the inventor.
  2. 10G
  3. 100G
  4. 500G
  5. 1000G (Copper Ore x1, Rusted Clump x1, Broken Circuit x1)
  6. 2500G
  7. 5000G
  8. 10,000G
  9. 20,000G



Half-Wit Inventor Rewards



Half-Wit Inventor Walkthrough

  • This quest becomes available after you leave and return to the peaceful robots' village.
  • The NPC is located on a high platform before the last bridge to access the village if coming from the walkways of Amusement Park.
  • After you invest a total of 80,000G, he asks you for a further investment of 100,000G. Agreeing will complete the quest and unlock his Item Shop. It sells an Alien Mask accessory (20,000G) as well as Meteorite Shards (14,000G) and Meteorites (14,000G), although the lattermost will not appear until after you get ending C or D. His prices are subject to the Robot Discount from upgraded Machine weapons.




  • It may be a glitch but it seems that he will not appear in Playthrough C. His marker on the mini map persists without him being physically present.
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    • Anonymous

      Half-wit: It did not reach the Moon...I am a failure
      Me: All that money.
      It instead reached Mars...I'm no inventor
      Me: Wtf...That's better!

      • Anonymous

        The simplest way to finish this quest is to invest 4 times 20 000 and then 100 000 which is a total waste of money but hey, at least you get rid of that orange rhombus on your map, amirite?

        • Anonymous

          I got around to doing this on my 2nd play through, after the Adam and Eve encounter, before going back up to the station. I only have the Alien Mask for 14,000G and the Meteorite Shard for 10,500G available. I find it strange that people are getting different things for different amounts from him. I think I'm playing on normal difficulty.

          • Anonymous

            "This quest becomes available after the Assault event in City Ruins."
            Wrong, the quest becomes available on your second visit to the robots village, even if you do it before taking the Fuel Filter to the Resistance Camp, which triggers the assault event if you visit the Robots village afterwards.

            • Anonymous

              After you invest 80,000G, he asks you for a further investment of 100,000G. Agreeing will complete the quest and unlock his Item Shop. It sells an Alien Mask accessory (20,000G) as well as Meteorite Shards (15,000G)

              • Anonymous

                The quest was available for me after being told to deliver the fuel filter to the resistance, which is slightly earlier than the assault event in the city ruins.

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