Type Special Unit Machine
Location Desert Zone
Other Names n/a
Voice Actor n/a
?? 48

Hegel is a Boss in NieR: Automata. Hegel is the first Goliath Special Unit Machine that A2 encounters through a boss battle.  Bosses are special larger Enemies that can be encountered throughout the game in different Locations. A Boss encounter will usually signify game progress or a chapter ending when following the main storyline. Some of these bosses may first be encountered As NPCs to introduce some Lore and backstory before they are inevitably faced in a Combat encounter as a Boss. Boss encountered are identified by their introductory title that will be displayed just before combat begins. Their HP bar and Level will also be displayed above the character throughout the combat encounter. Some bosses in the game may be optional and avoided. All information on optional or required bosses stats, Locations, encounters and strategies can be found on their designated Bosses


A unit formed through the linking of several multi-legged, Goliath-class machine lifeforms. Its colossal energy output is enough to keep even its enormous body afloat, and also permits it to separate and rejoin at will while unleashing a variety of attacks.


NieR Automata Hegel Location


NieR Automata Hegel Information

  • It appears to be a machine lifeform that has adapted to the desert environment. - Pod
  • During this encounter, your Pod makes a proposal to use ranged attacks against Hegel. If not available, they recommend using the support pods can provide support with long ranged attack features.  
  • Hegel is a variant of the other Spider-like boss Machine Units. These variants include:  So-Shi, Boku-Shi, Ko-Shi, Ro-Shi, Hegel, Ko-Shi & Ro-Shi


NieR Automata Hegel Drops 

  • ??


Hegel Strategies NieR Automata

Hegel Strategy (Melee) NieR Automata

Chips: Auto-Use Item (essential); Evade (optional - available from the twins in the Resistance Camp).

Isolate as far as possible each of Hegel's nine sections from each other when it breaks apart on the ground. Attack each in turn, evading and running away while dodging its attacks.  Wear it down one section at a time; Pod Plug-In programs Slow and Spear may be helpful here.

You are introduced to B-Mode in this fight.  When using it, your attack power is greatly increased; but your ability to evade is crippled for a short time after it wears off.  If activated while surrounded by segments, fight toward the perimeter so that when it wears off you won't be bombarded with an unrecoverable crush of laser blasts.

Hegel is level 48.  Being 55+ is very helpful in this fight; otherwise make sure you have plenty of Medium Restore Health items and Auto-Use on.

When all sections are grounded and their health is reduced to zero, they will surround you and blast you with an unavoidable EMP.  You will enter an expository hacking mode.


Hegel Attacks NieR Automata

First Phase
Orb Rain Since Hegel hovers above ground, it releases a rain of orbs. You will have no choice but to use your Pod to shoot them down so you can reach them. 
Eye Orb Release When the spheres of the unit fall, each eye will release a flurry of orbs to avoid. You can use other sections as cover so look for one part and get behind it if it is not a vulnerable spot with other sections aimed at it. 
Laser Eyes When the spheres of the unit fall, each eye has the ability to shoot out a laser beam
Roll  Each of Hegel's parts can roll on to you and you will need to back away before you are surrounded
Charge As soon as you see them spinning in place, reposition yourself to get away from their charger attack. 

Hegel Notes & Trivia NieR Automata

  • Hegel NieR Automata Notes & Tips go here.


Hegel Gallery NieR Automata

Hegel Introduction Front Hegel Flying Centipede Front Hegel Tough Chaos Front

Hegel Nuclear Fusion Mode Front Hegel A2 Going Berserk Front Hegel EMP Attack Front


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