Heritage of the Past


Side Quest


Desert Zone

Quest Giver

Resistance Researcher



Heritage of the Past is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"A resistance member wants help locating some relics from the old world - and since they're likely to be buried in sand, you'll need to use the dynamic scanner. Find them and bring them to the client."

"You found an old staff. Deliver it to the Client. According to the client, the old staff was used in ancient desert ceremonies."

"You found a strone tablet with laws written on it. Deliver it to the client. According to the client, there used to be a country in the desert where people lived under an impossible number of rules."

"You found a dirty mask. Deliver it to the client. According to the client, all the people living in the ancient desert country used to wear masks."

"You found a statue of a young girl. Deliver it to the client. According to the client, the young woman is dressed as a bride, and hailed from an ancient desert country known as "Facade" where people spoke a strange language and had their own unique clothing and culture. This discovery seemed to satisfy his curiousty about the old world."



Heritage of the Past Objectives

  1. Use A170: Scanner to explore the desert and bring relics to the researcher
  2. Retrieve 3 items before going for the 4th
  3. Turn in the final item.



Heritage of the Past Rewards



Heritage of the Past Walkthrough

  • This quest is available as 2B, after you have the Dynamic Scanner for your pod (Obtained during main quest Redheads, chapter 8_01) and are done saving 9S.
  • Go to the Desert Zone and travel as far from the entrance as you can, keeping it behind you,  until you find the researcher. 


  • Equip the A170: Scanner and explore ruins in the desert.
  • You can find an Aged Stick located near the access point Desert: Center in an area with a few housing ruins.

Aged Stick

  • From Desert: Center, head towards Desert Housing and after a group of enemies your pod will pick up a signal. Pick up the Commandment Slab (And Archives: Mysterious Litograph 2)  If you can't find it that way, wander the edge of the light circle around Desert: Center. 


  • Continue going towards Desert Housing, and to the left of the entrance find the Filthy Mask between two rock formations.


  • Turn in the first 3 items, and then go to the area south of the researcher for 4-th item Statue of a Girl. A group of enemies levels 38-40 attacks you when you do, featuring outfits out of Westerns.





  • Facade was actually a desert kingdom in NieR
  • The Phoenix Lance  is also in the area that you are searching.  It can be found right at the edge of the save area from the Desert Center going towards the rocket platform built by the Half-Wit Scientist.




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