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Machine Village

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Weird Machine



Idiot Savant is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"Pascal claims that children in his village are made to study economoics and numismatics. He urged you to speak with them and hear what they have to say on the subjects. One of the machine children was offered a choice between a cheap coin or an expensive one. The child selected the cheap coin, much to the cruel delight of the others. Something might be the matter with the young robot's circuits, so hack into it to find out."

"Upon hacking the child, you discovered that his circuitry was capable of extremely complex operations. When you asked the child why it made such foolish decisions, he explained that acting stupid could be very profitable; as long as he askef for cheaper coins, he would keep earning them from his foolish fellows. After agreeing to keep his secret, you walk away with a few salient questions about the true nature of genius."


Idiot Savant Objectives

  1. Speak to the machine children
  2. Hack into the machine child
  3. Speak to the child



Idiot Savant Rewards



Idiot Savant Walkthrough

  • This quest becomes available on your second playthrough, once you are 9S and have hacking capabilities.
  • The quest unlocks after the Assault event happens in City Ruins and have already started the Data on the Old World side quest. Go to the Machine village and go past Pascal and up some jumping blocks to talk to the children and begin the quest.
  • This is a rather difficult hacking. Learn which patterns you have trouble with, and get rid of those early on before they become too fast. It's best to leave the two single-line ones for last.
  • Talk to the machine again and receive your reward.




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    • Anonymous

      For some reason I selected the chapter after you defeat Engels in the city ruins and I have completed data on the old world but when I talk to the children there is no quest. Any help?

      • It's ok if you're smarter than everyone else. It's even ok to use your intelligence to make a little profit. As long as it's also with a purpose to teach a life lesson, or followed behind with the desire to share your knowledge with others, etc. Because in the end, a bad deed is far less severe if accompanied closely by a good deed of equal or greater social value. As long as there's balance, everything will be OK! \(^o^)/

        • Anonymous

          Spoiler(?): Cant help but think this is somehow how 9S is like. Fooling us into thinking he knows nothing but has already been deducing alot of things from the sidelines on the get-go. (like deducing 2B's real designation)

          • Anonymous

            As cute as this mission was, I could not help but feel uneasy about the robot's behavior. He acted the fool for the purposes of fulfilling his agenda--to con the other less intellectual robots. So what does that reveal about his "true nature"? Suppose it doesn't matter at the end of the game...

            • Anonymous

              Quest only appear AFTER accepted "Data on the Old World" quest from Pascal! Wasted an hour to figure out how to start it!

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