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Improving Communications is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"You've been tasked with transporting materials to the Resistance in order to improve communications between Earth and the Bunker.  You'll be informed of the required materials when you arrive. Proceed to surface and wait for the Commander to contact you."

"The Operator has provided info on some materials.  The required items can be obtained in the city ruins."

"Give the materials to Anemone."

"You received a reward from Anemone for completing the task."


Improving Communications Objectives

  1. Acquire Rusty Bolt x1
  2. Acquire Broken Key x1
  3. Acquire Small Gear x1
  4. Give the materials to Anemone



Improving Communications Rewards



Improving Communications Walkthrough

  1. Talk to the Commander at the Bunker.
  2. Collect materials from locations marked on map.
  3. Give parts to Anenome.




  • If you missed the quest the first time through load from 2-02 as 2B and transport to the bunker, the Commander will give you the quest there.


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