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Jackass' Research is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"Jackass is doing research on the excitement androids experience during battle. She needs combat data on a new enemy model, so head into the desert and start wreckin' machines!"

"The required data has been obtained. Apparently, the feeling of excitement experienced during combat is close to what humans call "love". Jackass is already figuring out what to do next."

"Jackass seemed very surprised that a YoRHa type, being specialized in combat, was capable of regular thought. According to her, normal thoughts only get in the way when you're trying to destroy things. Jackass is already considering what to do next..."

"The required data has been obtained, and reveals that androids actually generate a pleasure-granting chemical while in combat. Jackass plans to use this knowledge to create a new drug that will expand androids' capabilities. Go see her again after some time passes."

"The results of the research indicate androids generate some kind of comforting element in their circuits during combat. Jackass is going to use these results to create a new drug for expanding android functionality. Give her some time and go meet her again in a while."

"The new drug was so good, those who partake of it find it hard to put down. ...Oh, and it also causes extreme mental instability. However, if you're curious, Jackass claims it can be obtained by talking to a Resistance member near the oil fields in the desert."


Jackass's Research Objectives

  1. Destroy the enemy machine
  2. The required data has been obtained. Report to Jackass
  3. Jackass needs more detailed data. Defeat the target machines without taking any damage!
  4. The required data has been obtained. Report to Jackass.
  5. Jackass needs even more detailed data. Defeat the target machines in 30 seconds.
  6. The required data has been obtained. Report to Jackass.
  7. For the last batch of data, Jackass wants you to defeat the taget machines in 30 seconds without taking any damage!
  8. The required data has been obtained. Report to Jackass.
  9. Come back later to obtain another reward



Jackass's Research Rewards

Every stage defeated grants:



Jackass's Research Walkthrough

  • Head towards the Desert: Camp area by the Item Shop and Access Point. Jackass will be here and ask for your help.
  • This quest unlocks after the Amusement Park has been completed.
  • Follow Jackass and fight the enemy unit. It is a level 20 Medium Biped.
  • Talk to Jackass to complete the quest. It unlocks a new opportunity for battle, this time against 3 Lvl 20 Medium Bipeds. You must defeat them without taking any damage.
  • After completing the above, talk to Jackass again and she will challenge you to defeat several LvL 20 Small Stubby enemies and one shielded Medium Biped within 30 seconds
  • The last round consists of several units with electromagnetic fields which you must defeat within 30 seconds and taking no damage
  • Once all is done, talk to Jackass and go away for a while. You will receive an email to your Inbox that informs you when to go talk to her again to complete the quest
  • You will unlock E-Drug for your efforts.




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