Koi Carp Machine



Koi Carp Machine is a Fish in NieR: Automata


Koi Carp Machine Information


"An aquatic machine.  Can be exchanged for money."

  • "A machine lifeform resembling a koi carp.

    It is surmised that fish machine lifeforms were created to scare away the real fish mankind used for food. (They look very much like the native species, so whoever made them did their job well.) Fish machines are also extremely aggressive which helped deal a huge blow to the ecology of aquatic life on earth. Once they had fulfilled their purpose, all maintenance was stopped - but they still managed to adapt to, and thrive in, their environments. As a result, current species are no longer hostile towards androids, and instead concentrate on not dying much like any other animal. In contrast to land-based machines, however, their data banks are no longer synced, so the evolution of their intelligence has pretty much ground to a halt.

    Many machine-fish have formed symbiotic with natural ones, allowing them to consume the sessile organisms on their bodies - such as moss and barnacles - in exchange for protection. With natural fish performing their maintenance, machine fish now live lives which are the exact opposite of what they were designed to do.

    In recent years, new ecologies have been observed as a result of such symbiotic relationships. Some, for instance, have formed colonies in order to protect themselves, leading to increased aquatic life cross the planet. Of course, the current ecology is quite different from when mankind still inhabited Earth, but the sheer quantity of fish is sure to be a surprise once they finally return from the moon.

    However there are even bigger changes afoot. With no new fish machines being created, they are predicted to go extinct sometime over the next 150 years. Scientists are greatly interested in what may happen to the original native fish when they lose their mechanical protectors."




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