Lost Girl


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Machine Village

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Big Sister Machine



Lost Girl is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"You have been asked to locate a machine's little sister who went to the desert to look for parts to repair the older sister. Find her!."

"The lost child thanked you for guiding her out of the desert and returned to Pascal's Village."

"The sisters are together again at last!"


Lost Girl Objectives

  1. Find the little sister machine in the Desert Zone.
  2. You found the lost little sister machine. Bring her back to Pascal's Village.
  3. Return to the Machine Village



Lost Girl Rewards



Lost Girl Walkthrough

  • This quest unlocks after you obtain the main quest Machine Trade. Return to the Machine Village and go to the ground floor via a ladder, the machine with the blue ribbon will give you the quest.
  • Head to the Desert Zone. As soon as you enter, you will receive a communication from Pascal asking you to please find the missing her as a personal request as well.
  • Find the spot marked on your map, and you will find a purple-ribbon wearing Little Sister Machine. She is terrified and needs you to walk her back to the Machine Village. Follow her and defeat the waves of enemies until you reach the Desert Zone entrance. She will go her own way from here, and give you a Pink Ribbon.
  • Return to the Machine Village for additional rewards




  • This quest is VERY BUGGY. App crash possible.
  • If the Little Girl Machine stops moving, your only option to continue the quest is to get far away from her until she resets, then go find her back at her original location and start over with the walk through the Desert Zone.
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    • Anonymous

      I followed her all the way through desert and get the ribbon but I didnt come to village right away and now they are telling me shes dead... wut

      • Anonymous

        Does anyone know the name of the song being played after you get here there? My kids love it (I like it too) and want to find it on YouTube for them to listen to. It's calming

        • Anonymous

          If you do not do this mission and move forward in the story, the lost girl will be found dead in the desert according to her sister. just sayin

          • Anonymous

            Why can't I see the girl where she's supposed to be the first time? Did she not spawn or something? Is this a bug? Wtf?

            • Anonymous

              I have some bug when i got the pink ribbon then I go to the machine village I can't find the big sister to get reward but the little sister still there at village

              • Anonymous

                Another way to make the Little Girl Machine to move again would be to see if theres any stuck robot in the sand (sand moving although you cant see anything) and perform an aerial strike (X + Triangle) right on top of it.

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