Machine Heads


140 - 210

Combo Light


Combo Heavy



Combat Bracers



Machine Heads are Combat Bracers in NieR: Automata


Machine Heads Information


"Weapons made from machine lifeforms' heads."

  1. "Fist weapons made form the heads of machines.  Though simple, they have notable power due to their mass."



Where to Find\Location

  • Wipe Pascal's memory as A2. When you regain control of 9S, head over to Pascal's Village and purchase them from him.




  • Robot Discount gives a discount at shops run by machines.
  • Machine Brand permanetly increases the damage of weapon for every foe killed with it. Caps at 500 kills and does not count kills from shockwaves.




LvL Attack Combo Other Improvement Materials Needed
1 110 - 160 Light: 3
Heavy: 1
- -
2 252 - 378 Light: 4
Heavy: 1
Robot Discount Copper Ore x5, Broken Spring x5, Crystal x5
3 308 - 448 Light: 6
Heavy: 2
Robot Discount 4x Iron Ore, 3x Silver Ore, 3x Dented Socket, 2x Amber
4 418 - 608 Light: 7
Heavy: 3
Robot Discount
Machine Brand
4x Gold Ore, 5x Dented Socket, 3x Sturdy Socket, 2x Machine Head,1x Moldavite




Weapon Story


 Level 1


I       LACK     PARTS


 Level 2


I   AM        USELESS


 Level 3




 Level 4


I     TRIED  I     TRIED   SO     HARD       MOMMY



    • Anonymous

      21 Mar 2017 17:11  

      Don't forget the Machine Brand effect will change that damage value on the lvl 4. Do you have zero kills with it?

      • Anonymous

        21 Mar 2017 08:56  

        Kills with the Shockwave don't count as weapon kills.
        In other words don't use it if you're trying to rack up the number of defeated enemies with your Machine Brand weapons.

        Also kills made by your partner don't count as well.

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