Machine Recon


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Machine Village

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Machine Recon is a Main Story Quest in NieR: Automata


"A friendly machine approaches the Androids after they defeat the Broken Machine of the Amusement Park and invites them to their village"


Machine Recon Objectives

  1. Investigate the Machine Village
  2. Talk to Pascal.
  3. After completing the Alien Report quest head to Machine Village via access point.



Machine Recon Rewards



Machine Recon Walkthrough

  • After you are done with the boss of the Amusement Park, head outside towards the previously locked front door and find a friendly machine waving a white flag at you. Accept its offer and follow it through ladders and narrow wooden bridges to reach the Machine Village.
  • Once at the village, find the leader, Pascal, and talk to him twice.
  • You will now be sent to the Resistance Camp with a new quest: Machine Request.
  • After completing the main quest: Alien Report this quest will resume and you will need to head to Machine Village via an access point. Speak with Pascal when there. You will be awarded the quest Forest Kingdom.




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      16 Jul 2017 16:55  

      I keep getting ending H after i deliver the viscious oil.. Please help mee... am i missing something? Right after i give the oil the game ends

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