Machine Spear

machine spear spears nier automata wiki guide
Attack 210 - 260
Combo Light 3
Combo Heavy 1
Weapon Type Spears
Special Effect/s

Robot Discount (30% off on all items sold by robots)

Machine Brand (Increase damage in proportion to defeated enemies)

Machine Spear is a Spear in NieR: Automata. Machine Spear is a weapon used by machine lifeforms that's made from scrap metals to annihilate androids. It has the Robot Discount perk that gives you 30% off on all items that are sold by robots. There's also the Machine Brand which increases your damage depending on the enemies you've defeated. Spears are Weapons with long reach with a unique moveset. They perform powerful attacks, though they are relatively slower than Small Swords, their sweeping attacks do provide excellent maneuverability of crowds, although their attack patterns are usually catered for fighting a single enemy rather than facing a crowd.


A spear used by machine lifeforms.

A spear used by machine lifeforms, specially formed from scrap metal to destroy androids.


Where to Find Machine Spear in NieR Automata

  • Sold by the Weapons Vendor in Pascal's Village for 15000G.
  • Sold by Masamune for 15000G.


Machine Spear NieR Automata Weapon Story

Machine Spear Level 1 Weapon Story

"My name is Plato 1728. I am a failure of a machine. I was designed for combat, but I can't use weapons. Everyone makes fun of me, and my life is horrible."

Machine Spear Level 2 Weapon Story

"I am a dumb machine. I got lost during battle, and ended up in some kind of factory. I found a whole pile of dolls discarded there. They share the same fate I do."

Machine Spear Level 3 Weapon Story

"I am a foolish machine. Today, I had to fight at that factory. All of the dolls got completely destroyed. Crushed by my friends and foes, who can do nothing but fight fight fight."

Machine Spear Level 4 Weapon Story

"I activated my cannon and shot everyone there. I'm not sure why I did that. All I know is I decided to fight. Because I'm just a stupid, broken machine.


Machine Spear Weapon Upgrades in NieR Automata

Level Atk Value Combo Other Improvement Required Materials
1 210 - 260 Light: 3
Heavy: 1
2 378 - 468 Light: 4
Heavy: 1
Robot Discount
3 588 - 728 Light: 5
Heavy: 2
Robot Discount
4 (Max) 588 - 728 Light: 6
Heavy: 3
Robot Discount
Machine Brand


Machine Spear Notes and Tips

  • Other Notes, Tips, and Trivia for Machine Spear in NieR: Automata goes here.



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