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medium flyer


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Medium Flyer is an Standard Machine enemy in NieR: Automata


Medium Flyer Information

"A medium-sized machine lifeform outfitted with four flight devices. Armed with guns atop the devices and wire cutters on its sides, its capablle of taking on enemies in both close- and long-range combat. The wires on the bottom of the flight devices allow them to transport other machine lifeforms when necessary.

Variations with self-destruct units on top of their flight devices have also been observed. Said self-destruct units detach from their airborne hosts before detonation, allowing them to rain down destruction from above."


Medium Flyer Locations

  • Desert Medium Flyer: Kamikaze Unit can be found on Chapter 10-03 Route B. Transport to Desert: Oil Field and hug the right side when leaving the Oil Field until you find a cliff with enemies. Just climb up and check if any spawned, it does not have a 100% spawnrate.(Same spawn as enhanced version on Route C)
  • On Chapter 12-02, "Enhanced Medium Flyer: Gunner x2, Kamikaze x2" can be found as a very rare spawn--in place of the regular non-enhanced "Medium Flyer" that usually spawns--in the grass field immediately in front of the "City Ruins: Near Factory" access point.



Medium Flyer Drops




  • ??
  • ??
  • ??




  • Due to a glitch with the DLC "3C3C1D119440927", Desert Medium Flyer: Kamikaze Units no longer spawn by the "Sand Trials" quest (formerly Apologetic Machine), making them available only on 10-03 Route B
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medium flyer
Normal Medium Flyer
medium flyer red
Enhanced Medium Flyer
medium flyer kamikaze
Medium Flyer: Kamikaze Unit


medium flyer park
Amusement Park: Medium Flyer


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    • Anonymous

      Please tell me how do I find the mediums Flyer Medium Flyer: Kamikaze Unit
      Medium Flyer: Gunner x2, Kamikaze x2 in Amusement Park?

      • Anonymous

        Medium Flyer (2x Gun, 2x Kamikaze) can spawn near a rock with a hacking chest, slightly north from the end of the cliff. The chest contains Project Gestalt Report 8. Confirmed on Chapter 06_02 as 9S.

        • Anonymous

          Here's a little tip to make your save/load grind semi easier for the Enhanced Kamikaze / Enhanced Gunner 2x Kamikaze 2x - (Assuming you already know their spawn location) Load into chapter 12-2, go to the cliffs and see if they're there. If they're not, make your way to the Oil Field access point to reload chapter 12-2. This saves a lot of time because one, you don't need to save. When you load in through chapter select it automatically resets the area. Two, you load in to chapter 12-2 standing a lot closer to their spawn location already than if you were to load in from a save file at the Oil Field access point.

          • Anonymous

            Chapter 6_2 Route B - Port to Oil field then hug right wall until the cliff with spawns. Got 2 on my first attempt. (Goty edition)

            • Anonymous

              Finally Kamikaze unit on cliffs like the wiki states. Tried probably 10 other suggestions and that was the only one that worked. Darn you DLC!

              • Anonymous

                Found x3 kamikaze medium flyer right smack in the middle of the desert pipe circle area, why is this wiki so useless at times

                • Anonymous

                  Can't find Enhanced Medium Flyer Kamikaze x4 anywhere, stuck on a 99% mobs intel. I searched in different chapters, rebooted a few times in different locations and it's so annoying. Help me please with location of it. Platform: PC, steam; DLC incl.

                  • Anonymous

                    Just like the others said. Medium Flyer: Gunner x2, Kamikaze x2 Enhanced can be found on the grass field by the "City Near Factory" Access Point. Reloading is faster as you just need to turn around too.

                    • Anonymous

                      Found a medium flyer kamikaze unit at the very beginning of chapter 14-01. A2 awakes in the desert: run towards the bunker door and directly next to the broken stairs (there is a treasure underneath) in front of the apologetic machine there is one.

                      • Anonymous

                        found an enhanced Medium Flyer: Gunner x2, Kamikaze x2
                        as an rare spawn on the grass field in front of the tall building by the "city near factory access point"


                        • Anonymous

                          Can the desert one come with 4 guns? I can only find the 1/2 and kamikaze. i think its the last enemy i need for 100%

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