Melee Defense Up (L)

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Enhancement Item

Melee Defense Up (L) is an Enhancement Item in NieR: Automata


Melee Defense Up (L) Information


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Where to Find\Location

  • In the Forest Zone, you will find a broken bridge structure that leads into the castle portion, and unlocks an access point Forest Castle: Front. Drop down to the castle yard and gather materials near the gate before going in. You will be attacked by level 20 machines. Go forward until you reach a broken section and instead of goin up jump and dash across to open a chest containing Small Recovery. Drop down to the lowest level and go back one room, a chest with the item.
  • Reward for completing Robo Dojo-Brown Belt
  • Reward for completing Culinary Researcher
  • Reward for completing Game Dev Machine Lv 2
  • Reward for completing Devola's Request



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