Mysterious Lithograph 3


Mysterious Lithograph 3 is one of the information archives in Nier: Automata.


Rule 432

[The Jar-bound Lizard Must be Captured]

Long ago, an aged man threw out his back after gazing upon a lizard in a jar. His young wife departed to call the doctor, only to vanish and never return. The surrounding villagers spread rumors of how she had fled, but the man paid them no heed, instead fiercely insisting that the lizard must be captured.

Where to find/Location

  • Desert Zone - Locked Chest: Located by the YoRHa unit that is taking refuge from the sandstorm by the oasis in the far side of the map. Same location as Photographs.


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    • Anonymous

      For everyone that is confused by these: All 4 of the Mysterious Lithographs are references to the original NieR. In that game, the Desert People have various rules, many of which are nonsensical. This Lithographs are explanations for some of the more ludicrous rules. This one is probably the most obscure, as if I recall it's the only rule that isn't mentioned in the main story or in a sidequest, but rather a random NPC.

      • Anonymous

        Anyone know what this eludes to, if anything? Is this a misinterpreted fable or literal interpretation of metaphor or..what?

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