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Newspaper Scrap is one of the information archives in Nier: Automata.


August 17,

The Nagoya Daily


[Article] is no end to the refugees that flow into the central areas from the capital region in the east, and many camps have been pushed to their breaking point.  But while the situation is critical, the increasingly fierce conflict with Legion has left the government in a state of dysfunction.  Let us all keep our neighbors in our thoughts during these trying times, and reject the temptation to profit financially from the refugees.  After all, we could easily be next.

Where to find/Location

  • Flooded City - Locked Chest: Located on a far building across the water. Access by going to the broken building on the water near the yellow bus and apologetic machine, then do this combo: Hold X (jump) before you get off the platform, press R2 to dash off, then square (You will do a round kick with your pod). Now let go of X and press X+Square for an upwards attack, keep X pressed and press square again for roundkick, then if you still aren't there press X + r1 and your pod will launch you.


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    • Anonymous

      I used missile. Charge of missile before you jump. I did a simple double jump followed by a dash. Initiate a missile end it took me there. Hold L1. X,X(hold), R2, release L1

      • Anonymous

        I'm reading the description and the comments... It's not a hard jump guys. Double jump, air dash, pod launch, into a glide. He'll latch on to the edge.

        • Anonymous

          I made the jump by doing an uppercut (X -> square) then dashing (R2), double jump (X), round kick (hold X and press square when you start gliding), 4x light attack with a sword that can do them without plunging down, and finally X + r1 to launch yourself with your pod. I find it much simpler. Video demonstration here

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