Onward to War


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The Bunker

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Onward to War is a Main Story Quest in NieR: Automata


"The machines controlling the network, codename Adam and Eve, have been destroyed. This is the time for a full-on attack to reclaim Earth"


Onward to War Objectives

  1. Go to the hangar
  2. Obstruct the enemy air defenses
  3. ??



Onward to War Rewards

  • ??
  • ??



Onward to War Walkthrough

  • You are 2B again, and you can find new correspondence in your Inbox.
  • Go to the Hangar to get on your flight unit. As you leave,
  • You will gain control of 9S, and Operator 210 will go through your instructions with you. You must hack certain machine lifeforms instead of destroying them.
  • The first unit to hack is a Small Biped located at the very top of Engels.
  • The second one is atop the broken highway near where Parade Escort took place. It is a Medium Exploder - so be careful..
  • The third enemy is atop the long tower in City Ruins: Near tht Tower. Climb all the way up and hack a Medium Flyer.
  • Thir fourth enemy is a Goliath Biped near the Commercial Facility. You need to first remote control a Small Biped unit from the other side of the bridge.
  • The fifth machine is atop the building where you had met Father Servo, by the Desert: Camp exit. It has a tendency to fall of the building.
  • Head to the rendevux point.
  • After a short cutscene, you take control of 2B in her flight unit, and receive a message from the Council of Humanity as you fight your way through the skies. After a short flight section, the next quest: Taking Control begins.




  • The quest will "complete" before all enemy units have been hacked. However, if you hack the remaining unit, then Operator 21O will give you a reward. Try to remember the general location of the last enemy before hacking the second-to-last one.
  • ??
  • ??


    • Anonymous

      20 May 2017 09:45  

      There are a total of 6 Robots you can hack btw. It's just that the quest stops you at five. You can however find and hack the 6th one and make the percentage 0 and you will get a reward from 21O after doing so.

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