Operator 21O (Boss)

Operator 21O
Type Operator
Location Resource Recovery Unit - God Box
Other Names Unit 21B
Voice Actor n/a
?? 60

Operator 21O Boss Fight is a Boss in NieR: Automata. Operator 21O acts as 9S's support for most of the storyline, but eventually is encountered during a Boss Battle. Bosses are special larger Enemies that can be encountered throughout the game in different Locations. A Boss encounter will usually signify game progress or a chapter ending when following the main storyline. Some of these bosses may first be encountered As NPCs to introduce some Lore and backstory before they are inevitably faced in a Combat encounter as a Boss. Boss encountered are identified by their introductory title that will be displayed just before combat begins. Their HP bar and Level will also be displayed above the character throughout the combat encounter. Some bosses in the game may be optional and avoided. All information on optional or required bosses stats, Locations, encounters and strategies can be found on their designated Bosses. For her regular NPC page, see the Operator 21O page. 


Pronounced "two-one-oh". Calm and skilled at analysis, this operator was originally in charge of relaying messages to 9S. She personally requested to have her equipment transferred to a B-model for the drop, after which she joined the battle as 21B before going missing. She was eventually encountered again at the resource recovery unit in the amusement park ruins, where she had already been overrun by the virus. In the end A2 had no choice but to take her life.


NieR Automata Operator 21O Boss Fight Location

  • Operator 21O Boss Fight is encountered in the Quests: Obtain Keys Main storyline 
  • Operator 21O Boss Fight can be encountered in the following Locations: Resource Recovery Unit - God Box


NieR Automata Operator 21O Boss Fight Information

  • Type: Operator
  • HP: ??
  • Lv: 60
  • Operator 21O Boss Fight is not an optional encounter.

Operator 21O is one of the YoRHa Operators that relay information, alerts ot contracts to the androids when they are in the field. She supports YoRHa 9S's and makes an appearance to check in during their scheduled contacts, but later appears as a boss. The boss fight is followed by the Auguste encounter. 

Post chapter description: Operator 210, wounded by 9S, is finished off by A2. 9S turns his fury onto A2 when a new foe appears below, and he descends, leaving A2 to fight the new enemy machine's brother.


NieR Automata Operator 21O Boss Fight Drops 

  • ?? 


Operator 21O Boss Fight Strategies NieR Automata

Operator 21O Boss Fight Strategy (Melee) NieR Automata

Operator 21O begins the encounter by deploying a protective wall that surrounds her so she cannot be harmed. She can then also release a flurry of orbs that can still be damaging to the player as well as a laser that sweeps across the floor. 

The orbs are released in a consistent formation allowing you to weave around them. They slowly disperse with gaps in between. If available, you can use your melee attacks to clear the area around you or jump over them in order to avoid contact. The lasers will also have a consistent pattern. They can sweep the ground in one direction or have lasers that close in on each other. Get ready to jump over the laser when they are deployed. 

In order to progress, you will need to clear the defensive wall while avoiding the orbs and lasers. There will be an orb object you can attack that travels across the defensive wall. This will have its own level and hp bar, which is how you can tell you're making progress. At a distance, it will be easier to use your pod to aim and deal ranged attacks. Using the gaps in between attacks to approach and wait for it to to swing around. It should constantly be rotating so it will alternate from the top row to the bottom row of the defense part. Continue to target this area until it is depleted, then you can enter the next Phase of the fight. As 9S, you will also be able to use your Hack against her. 

 After you have cleared the machine part, the wall will fall and you can engage in combat with 21O herself. She will mostly attack with short range melee attacks and once in a while has a medium range medium attack. During this phase, you can continue backing up away from her, circling around her as if aiming to get to her back in order to close in to deal you rown attacks. At the same time, yourpod will continue to deal ranged projectiles further damaging her as she also reacts be advancing towards you. Keeping a distance will also prevent her from being able to deal her melee attacks. Make sure to stay to the side of her line of sight to avoid contact with her sword that can be tossed in your direction as well. 


Operator 21O Boss Fight Attacks NieR Automata

First Phase
Wall Block A energy wall prevents 21O from taking damage
Energy Orbs Fires Regular Red and Dark Red energy bubbles
Ground Lasers Lasers sweep across the floor.
Second Phase
Close Quarters Combat Performs melee Attacks with a YoRHa Small Sword
Medium Melee attack Once in a while she can perform a longer swing where you will need to dodge backwards to avoid contact. 
Sword Toss Sword can be flung forward as a longer range attack. Stay out of the line of sight to avoid contact.

Operator 21O Boss Fight Notes & Trivia NieR Automata

  • Operator 21O Boss Fight NieR Automata Notes & Tips go here.


Operator 21O Boss Fight Gallery NieR Automata

Operator 21O Introduction Front Operator 21O Wall Activated Front Operator 21O Close Quarters Combat Alternate Front

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