Item Type Plug-in Chip
Chip Type Support Chip

Overclock is a Plug-in Chip in NieR: Automata. The Overclock Plug-in Chip is a Support ChipPlug-in Chips are items that you can equip to acquire or customize mostly passive and some active Skills in the game. Primarily, Plug-in Chips provide passive buffs or additional stat bonuses, as well as provide the user with different skills and/or effects. There are five types of Plug-in Chips: AttackDefenseSupportHacking, and System.


Overclock NieR Automata Plug-in Chip Effect

  • Slow time for 0.8-5.5 seconds after a Perfect Evade.


Where to Find the Overclock Plug-in Chip in NieR Automata

  • Complete chapter C/D to acquire this as a reward. [Select Chapter 9.2.2]
  • Dropped by Small Flyers in the Factory: Hangar accessable during and after the Twisted Religion chapter.


Overclock Plug-in Chip Upgrades in NieR Automata

Name Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Most Efficient Load
♦ Storage Cost ♦4 ♦5 ♦6 ♦7 ♦9 ♦11 ♦14 ♦17 ♦21 (Number of Chips)x(Level) [Cost]
 Overclock 0.8 sec 1.5 sec 2 sec 2.5 sec 3 sec 3.5 sec 4 sec 4.5 sec 5.5 sec  1x4, 1x3 [16]


Overclock Plug-in Chip Notes & Tips

  • Other notes and player tips go here.
  • Plug-in Chips can have a Level between 0 and 8 that determines how strong the effect of that chip is. Not all chips have multiple levels.
  • All Plug-in Chips have a Cost that determines how much space they take up when equipped in storage. You can purchase more storage space from merchants so that you can equip more chips.
  • The Cost of a chip can vary, and so lower Cost is desirable because the chip will use less of your storage capacity.
  • Chips have a minimum and maximum Cost that is determined by their type and Rank. Chips with the lowest possible Cost for their Rank are marked with a ♦.
  • Plug-in Chips of the same Type and Rank can be Fused to create a new chip of the same type that is one Rank higher.
  • The Cost of a new chip is calculated from the Costs of the two chips being Fused. Check out the Plug-in Chips Reference Guide for optimal chip fusion if you need help creating ♦ Cost chips.
  • Chips can be Fused to Rank 6 typically and up to Rank 8 at the Canyon Machine after completing her quest.
  • When prompted for the first time she aks for a painless death thinking the androids were sent to kill her, if the player chooses to spare her life, she will give you the side quest Lord of the Valley. After clearing the quest she starts selling and fusing Chips. Canyon Machine can fuse chips up to +8.
  • Plug-in Chips can be purchased, obtained from quests, or acquired from enemy drops. Chips purchased are often a high rank while chips dropped from enemies have a random rank and can sometimes drop ♦ Cost chips.
  • When you die you lose all the chips you had installed. To recover them you must make your way back to your prior body. Failing to do so results in losing the chips.



All Plug-in Chips in NieR: Automata
Anti Chain Damage  ♦  Auto Attack  ♦  Auto-Collect Item  ♦  Auto-Evade  ♦  Auto-Fire  ♦  Auto-Heal  ♦  Auto-Program  ♦  Auto-Use Item  ♦  Auto-Weapon Switch  ♦  Bullet Detonation  ♦  Charge Attack  ♦  Combust  ♦  Continuous Combo  ♦  Counter  ♦  Critical Up  ♦  Damage Absorb  ♦  Deadly-Heal  ♦  Death Rattle  ♦  Down-Attack Up  ♦  Drop Rate Up  ♦  Evade Range Up  ♦  Evasive System  ♦  EXP Gain Up  ♦  Fast Cooldown  ♦  Heal Drops Up  ♦  Hijack Boost  ♦  HUD Control  ♦  HUD Damage Values  ♦  HUD Enemy Data  ♦  HUD EXP Gauge  ♦  HUD Fishing Spots  ♦  HUD HP Gauge  ♦  HUD Mini-map  ♦  HUD Objectives  ♦  HUD Save Points  ♦  HUD Skill Gauge  ♦  HUD Sound Waves  ♦  HUD Text Log  ♦  Item Scan  ♦  Last Stand  ♦  Max HP Up  ♦  Melee Defense  ♦  Moving Speed Up  ♦  Offensive Heal  ♦  OS Chip  ♦  Ranged Attack Up  ♦  Ranged Defense  ♦  Reset  ♦  Resilience  ♦  Shock Wave  ♦  Stun  ♦  Taunt Up  ♦  Vengeance  ♦  Weapon Attack Up

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    • Anonymous

      These can be farmed on Route C by 9S: Factory: Hangar 3 Small Flyers, ~45 seconds round-trip From the Access Point, exit the silo on the far side, and go right. Continue around the catwalk to the bridge, and the Small Flyers will attack you from above. Factory: Furnace 4-6 Small Flyers, ~3 minutes round-trip From the Access Point, exit the room on the far side and continue to the left. Ignore/kill the Multi-leg Medium Model (Weapon Attack Up chips), go down the flights of stairs, and ignore/kill the Multi-leg Medium Model, then enter the silo. Take the door to the left, go down the stairs, and climb on top of the first machine press. Turn around, jump on the press to the left, then left onto the platform. Kill the 3 Multi-leg Medium Models, climb to the top right platform, then jump to the right on top of the press. Slowly walk over all the area on top of the press, taking your time, as the Small Flyers slowly spawn. Continue to the right on each press, picking up any drops behind you. Fall off the rightmost press, then proceed left, jumping and dodging the presses. Each press hits 3 times before a delayed hit. Kill the Multi-leg Medium Model and collect any loot that fell, then continue left to the start of the room. Retrace your steps back to the Access Point. I personally like alternating these routes, as you'll farm not only Overclock chips, but Weapon Attack Up chips and Filler Metal as well.

      • Anonymous

        Causing a bug if I get hit in the last second after an evade or evade at the same time as a hacked enemy explodes. Audio completely goes out and if I exit to PS4 home it causes loud buzzing. Fixes itself after a few minutes.

        • Anonymous

          +8 gives 5.5 seconds, +7 gives 4.5. the rest follow a simple +.5 scale. if my math is right, that means the best way to get the max time is to just use a +3 and +4.

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